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January 13th 2014 - Sweet Redemption?


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January 13th 2014 - Sweet Redemption(?)
Video Reference also included below to what took place but not necessary since the summary is included.



Video & Summary: Canucks sit comfortably in a playoff spot... Finishing off 2013 with a sparkling 23-11-7 record. Roberto Luongo finally finding his groove and destined for one more cup run with the franchise that signed him to a 12 year deal...

Resident Lunatic John Tortorella (who gets supsended 2 weeks later for rushing Calgary's locker) was getting the absolute most from his "stale core" and the Canucks were destined for playoff success. Everything was going well until #1 Plug Ted Nolan attempted to elbow Henrik Sedin in the head at the start of this game... he gave him another shot while falling on him too... Tom Sestito being the man that he is, goes out next shift and starts pummeling Jordan Nolan to avenge Henrik... however Jordan instead of dropping his gloves and fighting like a man, proceeds to go to the fetal position. 


Causing Vancouver to go shorthanded for an absolutely unheard of SEVEN MINUTES!!!! (5 of it being a major) and ultimately losing us the game...


Most Canucks fans (myself included) adored Tom for this... retaliation oh so sweet! Right?


Next game... long story short, the old boys club strikes even harder... they slap Vancouver with not one... but two 7 minute penalties putting us down 2 men... Vancouver loses 9-1... more sweet redemption right??


Vancouver continues to lose for most of January and has a 4-9-2 record in the month... they spiral out of a playoff spot and cost the team a chance at a Cinderella run for the ages to the SCF. Luongo's illustrious Canucks career ends... Also underrated :goat: Dale Weise gets traded... and Torts gets fired after only 1 season.


At the time... as a fan I was happy that we retaliated and even lost both games... but in hindsight, it's a damn shame we didn't see some playoff hockey that year... this squad was really coming together nicely and would have easily got to the second round at the very least. What we saw instead was our team getting clobbered every game.


Don't get me wrong... I love retribution, but only at the right time. When your team is up 3-2, halfway through the third, it's not the right time.


All those raging right now probably think we would have got a 2 minute roughing minor if we attacked Matheson?? No don't be silly... Vancouver is on a shortlist for this kind of activity after Bertuzzi valiantly stood up for Naslund. The call would have been the same 7 minute majors in the LA/ANA games in 2014. They would make sure we lose that game in regulation.


Instead we're 1 game above 500 and poised to make the playoffs and potentially go on a Cinderella run.


People are doubting how much the 2018 group cares for one another... they do. Lots of these guys are close friends and there's great relationships. They know they have each others backs. However, they are professionals and want to do well this year and actually make the playoffs.


They know they couldn't risk losing that game though. A 3-2 record is much better than 2-3... it's a make or break point in the season. Not a single player on this team wants to be in the cellar this year... they are playing to make the playoffs. As much as most fans think we're going to tank this year, the boys don't. They're going to do everything they can to win games... and it all starts with discipline. Sure the odds say Vancouver will likely be a bottom 5 team... but last I checked, odds don't always guarantee anything and there's way too many special players on this squad to be a cellar dweller.


Stay calm... Elias will come back stronger and he WILL be protected. So will any of our other guys. Sit tight... it's gonna be a special ride this year :towel:

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4 minutes ago, RRypien37 said:

What did I just read...did you honesty just include the words playoffs and cinderella run when mentioning this team?


I know it's legal now, but relax on the bud man...

Pretty silly to assume someone is consuming bud based on reading a post like that...


Cinderella run is when a 8th or 7th seed playoff team goes to the final... any team that squeezes into the playoffs could qualify as one.

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I love how you're always so full of hope and enthusiasm, Apollo.


Really wish I could join you there. 


Elias' concussion hasn't even been evaluated sufficiently, 7-10 days is the absolute minimum.

I'm expecting him to be "week to week" upon returning to Vancouver. I have experience with concussions, and the way he Bambi'd after the hit doesn't bode well for a simple week long recovery.


Could be out longer than Beagle.


My second concussion, it took more than a month til the fog cleared. Oddly enough my post impact state was very similar to what we saw from Elias. I bounced back up and proceeded to fall right back down again. The only difference is I started puking after I fell. Not sure if he tossed his pregame meal in the darkroom or not, but they should be extremely cautious and respectful of his long term health.


But at the same time, I got KO'd once and felt fine within a week... Brains are weird. I'm just not expecting him back anytime soon and he might not play the same for quite a while.


Playoffs? I wish I had what you got man! You're always my favorite homer!




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I remember that game. Felt like a playoff game. It was a moral victory but I guess you could say after Torts bolting to the Calgary locker room was what derailed that team. I get the message you are sending. Revenge doesn’t always work out the way we’d picture it. But damn I Loved Kesler pounding Brown with his jersey over his head. 

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7 minutes ago, Googlie said:

I'd forgotten how good Lack was when ne was on his game.

Which was why we were so livid that the return we got was a mere 3rd and 7th round pick when we traded him to Carolina. It’s too bad he’s never been able to find his game since he was dealt from here. I love the Stork, his taco tuesdays and his silly smile.

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47 minutes ago, Googlie said:

I'd forgotten how good Lack was when ne was on his game.

Eddy wasn't perfect, but he did well enough in the right system.


I've always wondered how much confidence actually plays into being good in net. From my perspective it seems a lot of goalies go into a downward spiral from which they never recover.


I wonder if

@Rob_Zepphas any insight into that aspect?


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7 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Just no Bertuzzi style repeats please. 

I'm still disappointed over that whole situation.

I remember Cooke stepping up to Moore (and one other mele)in the game prior to "the incident". 

Considering that, I propose he be challenged early to some good ol fashioned fisty cuffs by Roussel or Schaller.

After they duke it out our entire team has a mandate to finish every check on every player with authority. If you wimp out you're benched.

Give the players a notice of intent a few days before and offer a few players a game on the IR.

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2 minutes ago, rekker said:

Meh. Never big on these after the fact payback games. I'm more of a jump the benches, were doing this now kind of guy.

You and 99% of us.


Unfortunately it didn't play out that way and we ( I ) really need to know he got punished.


January 13th it is.

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