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January 13th 2014 - Sweet Redemption?


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3 hours ago, apollo said:

Resident Lunatic John Tortorella (who gets supsended 2 weeks later for rushing Calgary's locker) was getting the absolute most from his "stale core" and the Canucks were destined for playoff success. Everything was going well until #1 Plug Ted Nolan attempted to elbow Henrik Sedin in the head at the start of this game... he gave him another shot while falling on him too... Tom Sestito being the man that he is, goes out next shift and starts pummeling Jordan Nolan to avenge Henrik... however Jordan instead of dropping his gloves and fighting like a man, proceeds to go to the fetal position. 

So which Nolan you talking about??? :blink:

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Oh yes...morale victories... hmmm....


Problem with waiting until next game is that the Canucks will probably be on a warning by the league leading up to the game since

everybody from Timbuktu to Anchorage will know about this incident by now, and retributions will be expected.

Time will tell...

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I just got back from Vegas yesterday. I missed the last two games, but nice to see them win. I was very disappointed to see Beagle out 4-6 weeks, and of course Pettersson getting body slammed and concussed by some goon. Now our best player is out. What was more disappointing, and what's probably been commented on to death, is that not one Canucks player stepped up after that. Green was saying no one saw it, but I call BS on that. How could anyone not watch Pettersson when he's on the ice?  Seeing him crumpled against the half boards, barely able to stand up. There will be no redemption for the hit. Green doesn't want his players doing that stuff. Same old philosophy with turning the other cheek with this team. Disappointed.  

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