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it won't. Its too intense for me, but I'm glad people won't go to jail or have their lives ruined over it anymore.


I think its a good 1st step, hopefully Canada comes around to decriminalizing opioid use and start treating that like the health problem it is. 

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A couple of friends are going to be getting pardons for silly criminal records that never should have existed in the first place, so they're happy.


Aside from that, it doesn't really change much. And I think people will be surprised at how little it changes anything in the country. Most people who wanted to smoke weed were already smoking weed. Theres been illegal dispensaries here for like 2 years that anyone could go to, the cops just never bothered to shut them down after a point.


Good day for the country.

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11 minutes ago, mpt said:

As well as no one smokes it around me, I’m good.  No one should be allowed to violate my rights not to use by 2nd hand smoke.  If I can’t drink a beer walking down the street, why are you allowed to get high?

Where in the Charter does it say you have a right not to smell marijuana smoke?

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