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Post When You Are Stoned

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15 minutes ago, Tre Mac said:


My parents smoked(mom more so than my dad) but there was no way I wanted to smoke with them.  But holy @#$% did they have the primo stuff.  I remember searching for x-mas gifts when I came across their stash.  I used to pinch all the time off of them then one day we had the talk:


Mom - "Have you tried any drugs?"

Me - "Just weed."

Mom - "Where do you get your smoke from?"

Me - "From you."


After that she was my main supplier.  Known of my buddies could roll a joint properly so she taught me how to do that as well.  So word to the wise, lock up your stash. 



My office door has a lock.


It's the room I use to dry/process/cure my summer crop.

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19 hours ago, luckylager said:

Good question, Jimmy... I'm still not going to smoke in their presence. 


I just don't like being high around them. I space out (duh) and it's awkward.

My mom waited until I was 13 and going in to high school to basically bring it up with me.

She pretty much said that I was going to high school and that i'm going to be introduced to 'new' things lol.

Her biggest concern was if I ever wanted to try weed, that I at least try it with my step dad first (He smoked, but kept it pretty low key when we were younger) so that I didn't try any bunk or laced weed. Always thought it was pretty cool how she was with it, gave me enough rope and hoped I was smart enough to not be a meathead about it...I turned out 'ok' haha.

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Just now, falcon45ca said:

I'm stoned.


Do we get like, membership perks or anything for joining this club?

Well the perk is in the status you get for posting here.


there's MAD forum cred to be had in this thread.


posters will look at your profile pic in awe whenever they scroll into one of your posts.


this place s a goldmine.


so welcome to the best thread on CDC man, you're in

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1 hour ago, 112 said:

@Blue Jay 22 - do you ever think about thought(s)/thought patterns? How is it possible that we can, in essence, think about thinking? Is this not a very impressive feat of the human mind?

Not sure I'm an expert on this, I believe there are different layers of consciousness. Sometimes out of instinct, I will have a back and forth with myself. Can't explain why, but I believe it is possible for your inner thoughts to engage or react to outer thoughts.


Would be crazy to think what would happen if A.I. were to accomplish this feature.

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