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Post When You Are Stoned

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Master 112

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28 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Not sure I'm an expert on this, I believe there are different layers of consciousness. Sometimes out of instinct, I will have a back and forth with myself. Can't explain why, but I believe it is possible for your inner thoughts to engage or react to outer thoughts.


Would be crazy to think what would happen if A.I. were to accomplish this feature.

Is AI even possible?


Check out "Minds, brains, and programs" by John R. Searle

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26 minutes ago, drummerboy said:

Watch the Joe Rogan podcast episode with Elon Musk.  It’s great, and they get right into AI. 

AI scared the $&!# out of Hawking, and that dude was a genius. 


I've watched every terminator movie at least once


I might not be a genius like Hawking, but AI scares the $&!# outta me too, which makes me, like, really super duper stoned right now.



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Just now, 112 said:

my understanding was that we would need to invent a new type of computer for true AI to be possible

AI needs to invent its own damn computer, man. 


Pffft, like I'm gonna go be responsible for skynet taking control of the worlds supply of nuclear warheads..  Jesus 112, you been under a rock?

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Just now, Blue Jay 22 said:

What is your favorite Greek Mythology story?



ooooohhhh I used to read about that stuff. Maybe you know--I've probably made a bunch of references to Greek mythology in the past.


One that's of interest to me is Daedelus and Icarus, although I wouldn't call them my favourite. It's used quite poetically in Malcolm X's autobiography; his interpretation of the myth is that Icarus flew too high and so offended God, and that's why he fell. I'm not religious, but I like how it's used there. Concerning the Labyrinth: I've sometimes felt stuck in one.


On that note, I like the story of the Argonauts because it's strikingly similar in parts to a late addition to the epic of Gilgamesh as well as the Biblical flood story involving Noah. All involve ships, floods and doves. I'm assuming all are of the same origin, but I've never confirmed this through research.


One that's dear to me is Baucis and Philemon.


And I've always been a fan of Homer's Odyssey. I much prefer it to the Iliad because it's the journey of one man instead of the chaos of a great multitude. I think it's much more relatable in that sense; everyone can find something they know in the idea of moving forward, trying to get somewhere. Penelope's Web is a great concept and I envision one day having the perfect opportunity to use it to describe something.

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