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Help me win this weeks work pool.

Kosmo Kramer

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The rules are easy. Just have to pick the winners from Monday to Sundays games. Oct.22nd to Oct.28th.


So for all you mega fans and experts out there that have insight into the rest of the teams around the league and how they are performing this year.


Please chime in and help me make my picks.


Monday - Canucks VS Capitals, Avs VS Flyers, hurricanes VS red wings, blues VS Jets.


Tuesday - Panthers VS Rangers, Coyotes vs blue jackets, flames vs Canadiens, Bruins vs sens, sharks vs preds, ducks vs hawks, kings vs stars, pens vs Oilers.


Wednesday - Nucks vs knights, Panthers vs islanders, leafs vs jets, lightning vs avs.


Thursday - nucks vs coyotes, flyers vs Bruins, Canadiens vs Sabres, preds vs devils, blues vs blue jackets, kings vs wild, rangers vs hawks, ducks vs stars, penguins vs flames, caps vs Oilers.


Friday -  lightning vs knights, jets vs red wings, sharks vs hurricanes, sens vs avs.


saturday - pens vs nucks, Panthers vs devils, islanders vs flyers, Oilers vs preds, caps vs flames, Canadiens vs Bruins, jets vs leafs, Sabres vs jackets, hawks vs blues, avs vs wild, lightning vs coyotes.


Sunday - rangers vs kings, stars vs red wings, islanders vs hurricanes, Oilers vs hawks, sens vs knights, sharks vs ducks.


You just have to name the winners.

It's alot of typing but think of the bragging rights! Lol


Thank you to any of you that read this and participate.


I'll update with how I make out.

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