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Halloween costume


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I got all my materials needed for my DIY Halloween costume (Emojis B)::D) from Dollar Tree.

Cheap and easy to make...

Anyone else have a costume ready? 

I heard The Incredibles costumes are popular this year.

I bet we still see a lot of Trump costumes...maybe a few Stormi Daniels (just need two balloons and a blonde wig).



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I'm going off to a party in about an hour dressed as a vampire.


I love to reuse costumes: the dress is one I've worn several times over the years as part of a witch costume. I bought a hooded cape to wear with it this year...I plan to buy a mask on clearance in November so I can wear the cape with it next year and be the Phantom of the Opera.


I'm dressing as a cat next week for my nieces'/nephews' church event. I'm going to a hockey game Halloween night dressed as Hulk Hogan (I have eclectic taste).

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