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[Report] Mark Borowiecki suspended 1 game

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2 minutes ago, The 5th Line said:

It was a D-bag move but I've seen a lot worse on a pretty regular basis in this league.  Marchand literally left his feet with a flying elbow, resulting in a concussion to MArcus Johansson and only got 5 games so yeah I think 1 or 2 is fair for this one.  

That's a serious issue with the league.  If the league doesn't want vigilante justice, then they need to levee much harsher penalties for head-shots.  The 20 game one to the Cap's guy was where a lot of these should go.

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From the above angle it looks like his elbow catches in the mouth and partially in the chest so its hard to make this call. He may have just been going for his chest to box him out and misjudged it and hit him in the head by mistake. That is my explanation of it anyway. The result really speaks for itself and 1 game is sufficient.

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