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Secret recording by Uber driver

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I know.. this is not Canuck Talk.. but it's an issue that could very well have involved Canucks players.  I didn't know where else to put this, but I'm interested in knowing what you guys think of this incident.  For those who haven't heard, seven Ottawa Senators were recorded secretly by their Uber driver on the way back from a night out.  They were making some candid, uncomplimentary comments about their special team play and one of their coaches.  The video was posted and the embarrassed players had to make a public apology to the team and their coach.  This is the response to the incident by Voracek of the Flyers.


I have to agree wholeheartedly with Voracek.  The players did nothing wrong.  They were having a private conversation.  Who, from any line of work, hasn't said something negative in private about their boss or what's happening at work?  It's not a sin.  The greater sin is when these private conversations are recorded unknowingly and put out to the public.  It is an invasion of privacy.  Everyone is entitled to their right to their private opinions.  That uber driver is a POS.  He should be held accountable for his unethical if not illegal actions.  Good for Voracek for telling it like it is.

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