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[Waivers] Eddie Lack

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Really liked him, but our goalies have been really sound this year. Maybe if Nilsson had a long term injury I'd say try him out. He had a decent amount of success here with our trash can teams, especially considering he finished two seasons playing 20+ consecutive games. He's not a terrible goalie.

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38 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

Eddie is one of those guys you can easily be happy for, he's set up financially for life and had his run in the NHL. If this is it for him he's done well for himself. Maybe open a taco stand in Sweden now. 



Or, actually, I'd really like to see him become a hockey TV personality. Put him on Sportsnet and let his personality run the show. NBA-centric TV has done this with some of the bigger basketball personalities (Charles Barkley, Shaq, Jalen Rose) to great success. NHL needs to follow suit. Once Eddie's playing career is done let him run wild on TV and do all the Taco segments he wants.

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