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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Islanders | Nov. 13, 2018

-Vintage Canuck-

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4 minutes ago, Setyoureyesontheprize said:

Get Leipsic outa here. He does nothing to warrant the ice time and chances he’s been getting.


is he a player getting preferential treatment from the coach? Evidently so.

What an odd game to complain about Leipsic...

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we wanted fast entertaining  and for the kids to learn to play at this level. There are growing pains - there will be more. Remember - the rebuild is not over -  we have a ways to go yet.

positives - no one seriously injured tonight


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1 minute ago, Hutton Wink said:

Burke was PBP for the Comets, and was excellent.  Did it without a colour man either.  Far better than the likes of Abbott and Batchelor.

Doesn't surprise me...he did a real good job tonight. 


It is interesting to see the other PxP talent around the league.

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lack of depth and injuries starting to show. Cant outscore your problems every gm



Marky is carrying too much load too, we need a healthy Nilsson.


hope they can salvage a ok road trip by winning next game. Limit their losses.   need some healthy bodies back asap. 

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10 minutes ago, Canckelhead said:

Looks like the real Canucks have arrived

And the other team was what exactly? Oh right, the same &^@#ing team.


No hockey team in the history of the NHL has won all 82 games, especially when they're missing five roster players. You're not onto something, nor are you exposing this team.


Merely stealing oxygen

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1 minute ago, Setyoureyesontheprize said:

Wow lots of supporters for a fringe Nhl player.

It’s not only about having one good game. Sure he had jump this game but he’s not a player that should be getting that much ice time.

He played well so he got ice time. Next. 

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