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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Islanders | Nov. 13, 2018

-Vintage Canuck-

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6 minutes ago, Dr. Crossbar said:

I get what you're saying but disagree.


Then he's not in the same convo as the great one. The kid has had something like 10 shots in the past three games and hasn't done anything. Gretzky would have put points on the board by now and been the difference maker.


I'm challenging his hype right now. If he's going to be compared to Gretzky, we need to see more difference making in games. Otherwise he's a mere mortal. ;)

Petterson doesnt have Jari Kurri and Mark Messier or Paul Coffey. 


Wait til Brock gets back and Dahlen is on the big club, right now he has nobody to finish his dishes.

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3 minutes ago, Jack Fig said:

Predictably, teams gave figured out to cut his space right down before he gets his feet moving. You knew it was coming. 

I think it's more the other way...his mates and him are not on the same page; therefore, he is trying to do it all....


a bunch of dummies skating around with him...meaning nobody is working together and no good plays are being made. It starts with the "D" passing it back and forth and back and forth which forces the forwards to do circles and mess up their timing, then the "D" make a bad pass and they are chasing...disfunctional to say the least.

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6 minutes ago, BlueDragon23 said:

A real stinker all around. Everyone was bad or below average.


Win as team; lose as a team. Injuries starting to catch up. As is this long roadtrip. 


Hope we can at least finish on a positive note against Minny.

While true, the game was still to be had (for a point at least) until that kicked in goal.  That's the silver lining I'll take out of this game, even in the stinkers they're within reach until near the end.

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People questioning Petey and his performance lately need to understand that he’s playing with guys like Goldobin, Virtanen, and Leipsic. None of those guys are on the same wave length as he is. He’s not gonna put up 100 points as a rookie let’s be honest. Sometimes fans and definitely media alike put the cart before the horse and create unrealistic expectations for a rookie playing on a team without a plethora of top end talent to help inflate his numbers like some other young stars in the league

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7 minutes ago, coastal.view said:

well ask yourself something then

gretzky was an assist machine .. who were his wingers?
ep40 can score and assist but he needs wingers to play off of

if he cannot effectively distribute the puck cuz it dies with his wingers

he can never get it back so that option becomes pointless


if he simply retains the puck to shoot it

the defenders never end up off balance

as they do not have to worry about him passing

ep40 needs a top level puck distributing winger or a winger sniper


brock played well with him

not sure there is anyone else on the team able to keep up with his level of play

maybe loui?

maybe call up dahlen as at least he has productive history with ep40

who else is there?  it's a team game .. who should be playing with ep40 ?

Dahlen for one. 


All of the excuse making is moot. He's either in the Gretzky convo or not by results. 

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"We got a lot of competitors on this team. I get mad too. I'm not walking around smiling after every loss but the sun comes up the next day. Can't be grumpy about a game last week... It's frustrating. The ref said they can't look, Toronto makes the call there. When you look I think it's obvious. But at the same time I grew up playing soccer, every hockey player plays soccer before games so I don't know if the Toronto guys are big soccer fans or not." - Markstrom

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49 minutes ago, Darius said:

at the start of the season who would have taken a .500 record at this point knowing the schedule maker handed them 7 home games 14 road games (including Thurs) Edler, Boeser, Pettersson, Sutter, Beagle, Baertschi out for 5+ games?


Boys will come home and hopefully put in some good performances.



Yeah, that's about it. Results aside, they're a team with plenty of shortcomings. Nothing to get discouraged about yet. 

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