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GDT: Canucks vs. Canadiens, Saturday, Nov. 17th, 2018, 4 PM PST


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Canucks might have a little bit of difficulty with an additional 6th member of the Canadiens squad on the ice:

Image result for francois st laurent

Sorry about the late GDT. Thought I was doing Monday's game. GO CANUCKS GO!!!

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Yikes 10-22-6 gdt record....


idk about this one guys :P


Seriously though, I just want a full effort from all players. Putting that road trip aside, I think we're gonna come out strong in this one 4-1 and Petey gets it going.

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Just want to give props to Gritty's handsome Canadiens cousin.




Take it easy Youpee, I'm sorry your look has been jacked and made scary....but that's America for you these days.


First game back from a tough road trip. This will be tough for our lads....


But it's sunny here in Vancouver and it's Saturday! So, we're already winning!


GO Nucks!



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Every little item points towards a Montreal success.

They got in ahead of the Nucks so had more sleep.

They didn't change time zones, no circadian rhythm adjustment

Their #1 needs a predictable game, as much as the shots on goal are large the majority are outside the perimeter.

They just came off a win vs Calgary

Better record.

Scoring at a higher pace

Defending better

Playing and winning with 3 key players out, behind their backup goalie


So.....in the past I would name all the reasons the Nucks should be successful and they would lose, maybe it works the same for the French version of Canucks.



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