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Man up! I’m pissed!

Dumb Nuck

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On 11/30/2018 at 3:30 AM, Dumb Nuck said:

I am so sick and tired of watching the Canucks be so abused with no response, it’s a dangerous attitude to turn the other cheek that put our young stars at increased risk. Someone needs to man up and start letting the other teams know cheap shots are not OK, the refs sure as hell ain’t gonna do it.

I've been harping on this for years. The softness, especially at home, must end. The Reffs won't deal with it and we are a joke at home.


The Rog is where the Nucks bend over and take crap from bigger opponents. What's wrong with JB and Green? They must see this yet keep rolling hamster lines.


Ws are less important because our players ultimately get injured and we lose more by attrition. Make the Rog a hard place for opponents and I will be happy. Until then, I fear every game and condemn the "open season mentality" Management supports.  Every year posters tell me size it will come later when we are ready to make noise in the post season. I don't get that strategy.    

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On 11/30/2018 at 9:40 AM, Bo fan said:

OK - I just have to ask this - and blast me if you like

What is it about Shaller? I have not seen anything from him that helps me understand why he is even on the team - I don't see hustle, I don't see offense, I don't see defense, no scoring, no sticking up for team mates - someone tell me - what am I missing ?

Maybe I should have posted this in the player thread - sry

I was at the Vegas game and shaller was one of the worst Canucks on the ice .  He is either being hampered by some kind of injury or coaching is giving him time to get his game together.  There has to be someone on the farm who can play better than him. He's useless as it is . 

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17 hours ago, amitriptyline said:

On the topic of being pissed off and sick, I am really fed of both Eriksson and Markstrom. Eriksson was brought in to add scoring but instead he just floats around as quiet as a mouse and gets the odd point here and there. He thrives with the Sedins in the Olympics but does f all with them on the Canuicks. 6 million for a guy who is supposed to be top six 20 goal + player but instead contributes on the level of a 4th liner. He has had ample opportunity to show his worth but has done nothing. He doesn't even look motivated or like he gives a damn. This guy has got to go, I'm down for anything to get rid of him. My patience is completely up with him. And then Markstrom, what the hell is this guy doing in a starter role? He also has had ample opportunity to prove himself but still plays like s**t. I don't see any improvement in his game. Game after game of below average play in the below 900% range. The Canucks would probably be 10 points higher in the standings if they replaced him with a competent starting goalie. There's my little rant.

I agree with you on Eriksson. For me even if he wasn't 6 mil a year I would still have a problem with him

 Like you said, his play in the Olympics showed effort and determination. Also notice how much harder he tries against Boston. That's a deal breaker.  He needs to be put in the same category as SG was after training camp. 

Markstrom I believe tries his best and at least has improved his game from last year. 

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On 11/30/2018 at 5:41 AM, Toews said:

This is going to be unpopular but here goes... When we are going to stop holding our players to a standard that the rest of the league clearly isn't following? Because fights are plummeting, enforcers are disappearing and the league as a whole is becoming more and more non-confrontational and reliant on officiating/DOPS. We already have one of the toughest players in the league in Gudbranson. I think has Benning has done his job here, if you have a problem its with the players and coaching staff but you really are kidding yourself if you think this isn't a league wide thing at this point. 


Gud defends Gud. He's pretty passive otherwise

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