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Stop the complaining and support your team


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Listen fans complain because they CARE,if they didn't it would be WHO CARES.

It's similar to kids, you complain about them to have them do the right things,if you didn't care you wouldn't give a damn and say nothing.

This is, I believe how most Canuck fans are toward our team,if we don't complain we just don't CARE.

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56 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Prob anyone who suffered thru Van's 1980's hockey memories has thick skin.


It's really the league(& their rigged deck) I take issue with. But Hell, seems corruption runs rampant nowadays, in virtually any/all domains.


To watch a younger team ascend, can be pretty exciting. We're mostly all salivating at that anticipated moment of "lift off". This time next yr, is prob a much better vibe...

There's an awesome correlation to this thread and your jaded thread. :)

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Sometimes as fans I think we are far to critical of both the management and the players.


Take Jim Benning for example. He comes in as a rookie GM to a team whose prospect depth is rock bottom and has an aging group of core players that are past their prime. Has he made some mistakes.. in hindsight, most assuredly so; but the drafting by the team under his watch has been very good. He has managed to move out those players that he could but was hampered by a number of NMC's and NTC's that were part of those players contracts. Last year he went out and signed 3 free agents to fill some glaring holes in the line up .... have they all panned out; for the most part they have IMO. Both Beagle and Roussel have lived up to expectations while Schaller has been a bit of a disappointment so far this season.


No GM is perfect and the elite ones are seldom available to teams that are in search of one.


As far as fans being critical of some of the players; well that is a normal occurrence for most teams that have a passionate fan base. While some players take a lot more heat than others that is also common place on other teams as well.

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Anyways this is not on the players its on management we will go as far as JB takes us maybe he will learn something from this year . So far Beagle and Roussel look like good signings. Schaller is just a place holder. One more draft and the team should be stocked ready for whats to come, still 2 years out. What JB does with this trade dead line and up coming draft will define our team for years to come. I hope he gets it right.

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1 hour ago, DIBdaQUIB said:

Another thread by a fan telling other fans how to feel, react, express themselves etc. 



Yeah, but this time it's an mid morning 'drunken rant' by a guy that calls himself Alcoholic9000:lol:



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20 minutes ago, TimberWolf said:

I always find it funny when I get told I am not supporting the only team I have cheered on for over 40 years because I don't think our current GM is doing a good job

And I got told the same thing when I wanted the moron our current GM replaced fired for gross incompetence with both trades and drafting.  Benning's proven to be a lot smarter than CDC's collective wisdom at the draft table.

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6 hours ago, Alcholic9000 said:

We are either in the middle or tail end of a rebuild, every analyst had is ranked near the bottom in every field.  Now that we are losing its all fire this person trade that one.  What is trading mdz gonna get us?  We have maybe 1-2 defence that would make it on a contending team.  Relax. 


I'm personally happy with where we are, we are seeing growth from a lot of our future core, also while we are not winning the effort on most nights seems there.  This is a year to allow mistakes, I am not wanting the team to tank and lose for the sake of losing, but I am completely ok with young players making young player mistakes and our swiss chesse defence (most of which will not be here when we finally come out of rebuild) make terrible plays that cost us the game. 


What I don't want to see happen is for the fans to demand change, stop going games etc.  This is when the aqua brothers start demanding drastic changes and we screw up what is starting to look like a good foundation for instant mediocre results.  


So support the team, buy the $&!#, enjoy all the excuses to drink more in frustration, but don't be a child demanding instant results.  


Sorry for morning drunk rant 


Go Canucks Go








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When this team gets a backbone I will start spending time watching them again.


Until then, YouTube and TSN highlights of EP doing his thing are saving me all sorts of time that was spent on the couch faithfully watching this team since the Bure days. Before then, it was my dad’s couch and TV. 


Most productive winter I've had in years. I read the GDT for my Canucks gossip fix. That’s enough. The WJHC will be my SCF this year. Rather watch that than EP get raped on live TV again. 

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