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!!!!!New RGMG League!!!!!


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Hey guys im just making a new thread to see if any body is interested say "YES" if you wanna join and our are interested. Answer "NO" Iif you are not interested and have no life.  If you want to help contribute to starting this new RGMG by helping me organize and Assisstant Commish thing say "I will help out". Thanks for the feedback in advance and always remember WWWD (What Would Willy Do), Wait till the very last minute to answer. 


Sincerely,  Carlutch



"Take charge before anyone else can so that you control everything"

- Carlutch

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Once we get 31 total GMs we will then proceed. We will make a new thread for the NEW RGMG league but it will be renamed to something better RGMG isnt as appealing. Tell anybody about the league and we will start ASAP.


Here is the updated list:


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On 12/7/2018 at 9:00 PM, Sane33 said:

IMO give a new comish a chance

Honestly maybe i wasn't the best GM even tho i did make strides to become a good one and made great moves IMO. I believe i can serve as a better Commish. I respect the day ones for trusting me from the start and wanting to join from the start.  I respect it and apprciate it so much, let's hope we get things going here and have a solid new RGMG

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