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"Baby It's Cold Outside" pulled from radio


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Anyone interested in the SJW, free speech, PC, etc. debate should listen to Sam Harris' "Waking Up" podcast titled Safe Space. Very interesting discussion about the phenomenon that's been happening the past handful of years on college campuses, especially on the west coast. 

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55 minutes ago, aGENT said:

FYI, credit card companies are now getting in to the Orwellian censorship game now thanks to this whole extreme left/SJW nonsense. Still think it's just contained to college campuses and Christmas music?




I do not like or agree with a lot of things some of these people say but I fervently support their right to free speech as one of the foundations of free society and it is HEAVILY under fire right now which is EXTREMELY dangerous for all of us.




hmm.... that is a little disturbing for sure. Citizens should be able to put their money where they want to as long as its legal. 


totally agree on free speech. 


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