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"Baby It's Cold Outside" pulled from radio


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Always liked the Ella/Louis Jordan version. Never thought much about the words. Figured it was a Christmas song so it was innocent.  


Back in 2004 there was a documentary called The Power of Nightmares by BBC. And Part 1 was called Baby It's Cold Outside. Since then I can't help but associate the song with that.  It was used for creepy effect in that documentary. 



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This is my wife’s favourite Christmas song, and she’s well aware of the context when it was written and what it means, as she received one of her two (or three) minors in University in Music.


Needless to say, this song won’t be banned in our household. Because we’re not made of glass.

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2 hours ago, Dazzle said:

I gotta say, I'm not that much of a fan of this song, mostly because I don't think it sounds all that great musically. But, critics are saying that this song promotes predatory behaviour.




And as a result, Rogers and CBC are pulling that song off their playlist.


For me, I really couldn't care less with regards to hearing it on the radio. BUT I will say that people who think that the song is 'dangerous' for people to listen to is seriously out to lunch. What kind of a goddamn world are we living in now?


I bet that if I defend this song, I'm suddenly going to be called a predator and someone who doesn't understand what an abused victim thinks about it. This is SO absurd.


We need a complete overhaul of this whole "political correctness" garbage. Is this seriously how we're going to be passing our time now? Nitpicking on anthem lyrics and pulling a song off the radio due to some misguided attempt to save society?


Maybe I missed it, but did anyone in the actual article actually suggest this. 

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Never underestimate the ability for a runaway movement to make something into a reason to champion "change", even if that judgement comes decades after the fact and is taken completely out of context.

This is the culmination of mental gymnastics and wordsmithing to a degree that until recently has been absolutely unparalleled. A lot of people like to point to how radical the feminist movement was in the 60's, but even they look reasonable by comparison to today's standards as they had legitimate causes to fight for.

This pseudo feminism is just way out of control. I think that if parents had done a better job in raising their children, especially their daughters, to have a much more even headed world view and perspective on things that happen, then maybe not quite so many people would be sucked into this over the top PC culture.

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