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[Discussion] Should the Canucks target Durabale Veterans? (and get rid of the injury prone ones?)

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Should the Canucks target Durable Veterans? (and get rid of the injury prone ones?)


While I’ve defended and supported this management’s approach to the rebuild (i.e. forcing kids to earn their spots, surrounding the kids with proven vets that were either elite players at one point or are reknowned lockerrom leaders), there is one pet-peeve of mine that has NOT been addressed since 2015.  Durability.


Since our playoff loss to the Flames back in 2015, we have seen the Canucks field teams that  have been competitive for a Wildcard playoff spot.....when healthy.


The problem however, is that the Canucks have always suffered key injuries to key players which has always been followed by a massive free fall. Yes -all teams suffer key injuries, but I highly doubt that that there’s a team out there that has suffered as many key injuries to their team over the past three years than the Canucks have (perhaps Los Angeles?).


Regardless, there is an old saying:  “Fool me once.”


If a team gets decimated by injuries one year and free falls, we can forgive the team and management.  However - if this becomes a trend, and the same key injuries are occurring to the same players, then the onus is on management to make changes and realise that this is far more than bad luck.  As much as I have defended Benning in the past, I do believe that he deserves criticism here.


My solution?


Consider trading all of Baertschi, Tanev, Edler, Sutter, and Gudbranson.  Trade anyone that has a history of chronic injuries.  However - don’t trade all of these guys for picks.   Instead - consider trading most of these guys for DURABLE vets.....or vets that have a proven history of being DURABLE.


Even if you have to trade the above players for inferior veteran players, perhaps the “downgrade” can be offset by bringing in vets that are on shorter term contracts and are more durable.


what is achieved by this?  The Canucks can still benefit from their vision of having veterans mentor the incoming youth, but can also reap the benefits of not being a victim to man games lost.

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Problem is that the Canucks have terrible luck and most of these injuries are freak injuries that just happens in an unfortunate play. Biggest example is Brandon Sutter. Sutter missed only 3 games in his past 5 seasons leading up to him joining the Canucks. And the first season he was in Vancouver, he was sidelined for a total 62 games due to a sports-hernia injury and later a broken bone in a block shot.


Dan Hamhuis prior to joining the Canucks have played atleast 78 games each season in his career. After joining the Canucks, Hamhuis only has 2 seasons in which he plays 78 games or more (although he did play 47/48 games in that lock out shortened season and the only game he miss was the last game of the season when the team was resting players to get ready for the playoffs). And after he left Vancouver, in his 2 seasons with Dallas, he has played 79 and 80 games in each of his 2 seasons.


Both Sutter and Hamhuis would be consider durable players in their career outside of their tenure with the Canucks. The Canucks could acquire Andrew Cogliano, who have never been sidelined due to injury (only missed 3 games in his entire career thus far because of an suspension), and the moment he become a Canuck, I could see him some how miss 20+ games after a shot block.

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We're a rebuilding team.


Teams that are rebuilding tend not to be good.


Teams that aren't good tend to have less puck possession.


Teams with less puck possession tend to have more injuries. Especially to players who play a lot of minutes. Even more so those who play harder shut down/matchup roles against the opposition who do in fact have possession. Note who seems to be the most 'injury prone' on our team. Almost all big minute, matchup/defensive guys! :shock:


Mystery solved. 


We'll be less injured when we're a better, higher possession team, as the rebuild continues. 


That's also not how you spell durable.

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Prior to coming to Vancouver Sutter had played 80+ games in the 5 season prior to joining Vancouver (played all 48 games of the lockout season, so pace wise would have hit 82 that year). And played 70+ in each season except his rookie season. Same thing with Loui Eriksson. Dude was regularly playing every game for Boston but comes here now he can barely manage 60+ games. These two guys WERE durable vets when they came here. Lol. I am beginning to think it's not the players it's just Vancouver.


I wonder if players on this team need to be deployed differently. Notice the most "injury prone" are defensive players playing the hard shifts. Maybe we need to start sitting them out some games. Healthy scratch them just to keep them fresh. Kind of like the NBA. They sit their superstars particularly in 4th quarters when the game is done, and in some instances down the stretch of the season they'd sit em full games. In any event, clearly something isn't right with Vancouver in particular. Players that come here get injured.


With all that said lets hope the inclusion of Seattle will ease travel for this team. A new divisional rival so close to home. Should hopefully ease our travel woes which is consistently in the top end of the league as far as miles traveled. And by extension maybe lower some of our injuries.

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14 minutes ago, TheRick said:

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he grew up on a farm

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i think he is hoping

canucks sign players

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