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[Waivers] Xavier Ouellet

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Wasn't he Babcock's Aaron Rome in Detroit?


I recall him being sent down at the start of Bab's last season in Detroit. Who wanted a vet who was sulking it waived. They opted for asset protection and sent down Ouellet.


And by recollection Babs spouted off. A clear sign team and coach were not on the same page. So off to Toronto he went.


To do it the right way? Or was it the $50million bucks... :lol:



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Not being able to crack the line up on a regular basis he was bought out by Detroit in the final year of his contract . And now waved by the Canadiens on a cheap $700,000 2-way entry level contract. 

Born in France while his father played briefly in Europe the family is from Montreal. 

 Don’t see him getting claimed here. Maybe a team up against the cap who are desperate for depth.

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16 hours ago, xereau said:

Maybe if we put Ouellete and Pouliot in the Large Hadron Collider, accelerate each to near the speed of light going in opposite directions and smash them together, we can create one NHL defenseman?


Maxrrick Ouelliot

Given how bad they both are you might just make a worse hockey player.

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