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[Proposal] A Couple Trade Proposals involving Tanev and Edler

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After reading some of these proposals, I have found a lot of them to be highly unrealistic. We always seem to be trading players the fan base doesn't really like for a top prospect or a really good player.


So let me take a crack at this and lets see what you think:


Van trades: C. Tanev (1 year left at $4.45)


Philly: W. Simmonds (UFA this summer)




Van trades: C. Tanev, K. Lind


Cbj: A. Panarin (only if he signs a long term deal with us)


as for Edler (please let him allow a trade):


Van trades: A. Edler and G. Breisbois and 2019 3rd rounder


Col trades: C. Timmins


The Edler trade was probably the hardest one to guess on. Connor Timmins was expected to be NHL ready this year but injuries have sidelined him (which is a bit worrisome), but he's a tall, right shot defensemen which the Canucks could really use. 


Colorado already has 2 right shot defensemen locked up for a couple more years in Erik Johnson and Tyson Barrie plus Cale Makar coming up (I thought they might be more willing to give up Timmins than Makar), I figured the Avs might want to go for the Cup this year especially with how well their top line has played so far.


I struggled with how much you would have to give up for Timmons but this is what I came up with. Lets hear your thoughts.

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The Tanev trades seem to be reasonable in terms of value, but I'm not sure what the point of them would be, given that defense is generally our biggest weakness.


I can't say as to the Edler one since I don't know Timmins' value well enough to judge that one.

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As much as I can see value in adding pieces to the Canucks by trading Tanev and Edler, I highly doubt that they will trade both of those players this year.  We all saw how terrible the team was with them both out of the line-up.  While the Canucks aren't a contender, they still want to remain competitive so the only way I see them possible dealing one or both players is if the return includes a serviceable D or a good D prospect.  I doubt any contending team is going to want to part with the former since adding either player would presumably be to increase depth rather than make a lateral move (even if there's some improvement).  The latter might be possible but the Canucks might want to add picks in that case which might be too right for most teams.


Regarding the proposed trades, I don't see a deal between Philly and Van for Simmonds.  No offense but I don't see the appeal for the Canucks.  Simmonds is a good player, no doubt, but he's already 30-years old and might not fit into the team's projected window for the cup.  If the Canucks did have interest in Simmonds, wouldn't it be better to see if they can take a shot at him in free agency rather than give up Tanev for him?  If Philly were to give up one of their young D for Tanev, then that might be of some interest but I don't see them doing that for Tanev, especially not in a year when they're doing terribly.


Panarin is more interesting of the two players but I would be shocked if Tanev and Lind were enough to entice CBJ.  I suspect Panarin is worth more to them this season (even if he ultimately hits UFA this summer) than adding Tanev and Lind.


The Avs deal may have more legs to it than the deals involving Tanev mainly because the Avs have some depth at D with Makar coming up and with the way Mackinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog are playing, they might be entering their window to take a run or two for the cup.  Edler would be a good veteran top-6 D for them.  I don't think the Canucks should be giving up Edler, Brisebois and a 3rd in this case though...





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Yeah this was more about posting realistic trade proposals for a change. I would like to see the Canucks trade Tanev, while he still has some semblance of value. As for Edler he is someone the Canucks should definitely trade at the Deadline (if he will approve). 

I agree that I would probably rather try and sign either Simmonds or Panarin than trade for them. But I've read numerous posts where people were complaining about wanting big name players as well as bigger more physical players. Panarin and Simmonds each would add a bit of that to the Canucks. 


As for the Edler trade we would be getting young top D prospect who's NHL ready. You would have to give up quite a bit for this kind of prospect, my hopes would be that the Avs would do it just because they can take a run at the Cup this year. So I think it makes sense. I don't even know that Colorado would say yes to that, I think Vancouver would in a heartbeat. 

Just to reiterate these trades were more to show what we would realistically have to give up to get quality players, rather then what they should do. 

I would take a run at Simmonds in free agency, if he came in at like 3-4 years and under $5 million. But he'll probably want 4-6 years. 

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Tanev, I don't believe is going anywhere, good stabilizing influence on the blueline.


I think at the deadline:


To Toronto:



To Vancouver

1st round pick in 2019

B level prospect


In summer, resign Edler for 2 years, 4 million per, good depth and mentoring the youth that we have coming up on Defense.


New to blueline next year: OJ and Hughes. They should be able to beat out our bottom 2 or 3 guys on D for spots.


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Simmonds is like Virtanen but 10 years older.  He has the same points but is on the downswing and Jake is going up.  Pass


No way Tanev and Lind get anywhere near Panarin long term.  Although he is a magic player that we should target in FA.


I like the idea of Timmins but check the injury and keep the 3rd.  Edler and Brisebois maybe if he's healthy and the scouts think he's potential top 4

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The problem in moving Tanev right now is that no one is ready to step up on the right side.  Do you really want Troy Stecher or Erik Gudbranson on your top pairing?  Chatfield and Woo are still years down the road (assuming that they even make the NHL).  Biega is pretty much what he is at this point (a serviceable 7th dman).


If the Canucks were to trade Tanev, management would pretty much be telling the boys that they’ve thrown in the towel for this season.  


I think there is a time and place for trading Tanev, but now is not that time.   Wait for some of our other right Dmen to develop, or wait until this summer to see if the Canucks can sign some other right D (ie Tyler Myers).  If either of those options come to fruition, THEN you can consider moving Tanev.


Even then, I would be wary of doing so.  With guys like Juolevi and Hughes likely to be here next year, it would be advisable for those rookies to get the “hand held” treatment from proven and stable vets.  With that in mind, I would even argue that not only should we keep Tanev, but perhaps we need to add another stable veteran presence back there to help Hughes and Juolevi ease in.  Gudbranson, Stecher, and Biega might not be ideal fits for those roles.

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The team can survive without one of them and it might be for the best long term if both are traded for assets sooner than later.   I would like to see the Canucks target drafted players that are almost ready to make an impact at the NHL level. Two players that fit the bill for me are Cal Foote (TBL) and Nic Hague (VGK).  If the Nucks can get one of these with a Tanev, Edler or anyone of our wingers, then im all for it! 

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