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Who sits when sutter and baertschi return?


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It seems pretty obvious that after we got some healthy bodies back the team started to play more like they did to begin the season. After watching the philly game (admittedly a struggling team), it seemed as if all 4 lines looked pretty good and there didn't seem to be a weak link. 


Curious to see what people think will/should happen when sutter and baertschi are healthy again. 

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I think Gaudette gets sent to Utica, after that it's tough to say. Schaller hasn't been playing much lately already being a scratch. That leaves Granlund or Motte that I could see sitting some games respectively. Maybe Goldobin or Leivo sit for a game. And just rotate forwards like that. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Canucks injuries this year...


I think baertschi starts on 3rd line and possibly work his way back up the roster. It seems Leivo has formed some chemistry with Petey and Brock.


Sutter takes the 3C spot as Beagle moves to 4C and Gaudette gets sent down.


Goldobin - Horvat - Virtanen

Leivo - Pettersson - Boeser

Baertschi - Sutter - Eriksson

Roussel - Beagle - Motte

Granlund - Schaller

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Gaudette for Sutter is the obvious one.


Send Gaudette down and if you can make a deal for Sutter you do it. I like Sutter but Gaudette can hang with NHLers. And maybe you get a decent draft pick in return as Sutter is a strong 3rd liner even with his salary. 


Baertschi and Bo need to be reunited so I'd consider trading Goldobin for a decent return since he's shown some promise here and there. I just don't see Goldy as a long term fit here and Baer still has years on his contract.

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I agree that it's likely gaudette gets sent down when sutter comes back, which is sort of unfortunate as he seems to be figuring it out and hasn't looked out of place. 


 The baertschi return is harder. Granlund I believe is second in the NHL in short handed toi and is on the second PP unit as well as playing his even strength shifts on a shutdown line and has been doing it well. Goldy is forming chemistry on horvats line and is one of our top producers. I suppose motte is the odd man out? 


Kinda nice problem to have, not knowing you're just waiting to get Megna or Chaput off the ice

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1 hour ago, 189lb enforcers? said:

Will it be the shiny new FA toys? Doubt it. 

pathetic comment considering Schaller has already been sitting.


Try watching the games so you don't make so many blind, absurd comments.


Gagner waived.  Schaller scratched.  189 whiffs.

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I think you are going to see Benning make another trade. This is Benning's best chance to make a move and receive the best return for his player.


Guys on the edge MDZ and Scaller are considerations, as is one of Goldy, Baertschi, Leivo and or Dahlen. I honestly see Goldy being held onto for the next year, but I could be proven wrong. (Dahlen has a concussion, so I doubt he is gone).


As for Sutter and Gaudette, boy if it is true what I am seeing, I am seeing Gaudette, become stronger and stronger, I do agree he maybe sent down short term, but I question whether there is anyone down in Utica that can actually play with him in an offensive roll. So I wonder if he actually gets sent down.....he is an NHLer. Gaudette has had great chances moving through the slot this past 2 week, and has been snake bitten not to have scored more, his last game against Phili, he really played well offensively and really didn't have any help doing it.


I could see Benning moving Sutter by the deadline...……...there are teams that need him, and would pay...………..


I will be shocked if one or 2 of Baertschi, Sutter, MDZ, and Schaller are not moved.  There are just too many other factors in play...….testing our young defenseman, making room for more offense...…...


Probably wrong...…...but I would not be surprised……..


Foot note...…………..with both Baer and Dahlen showing concussions, rumour has it that Benning was asking about Burakovsky……..why? IMO, Baertschi's concussion's are becoming a nuisance and more regular, and I am not sure he doesn't see Dahlen as someone that will be exposed to them more regularly also...…….hence the talk about Burakovsky

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I'm not too optimistic about the imminent return of either of them.


But it's pretty clear where Baertschi would fall in the lineup - and it's doubtful that Goldobin displaces Leivo at this point - so Goldy is the likely platoon if Baertsch returns.


With Sutter, imo it's a question of whether they want to keep Gaudette up, or assign him to play a bigger role in Utica.  He's playing 10 minutes a night - he's getting 56% ozone starts (not ideal for a 'bottom 6' line, and he's 45% in the faceoff circle - so while he's arguably played well under the circumstances, I think the strongest case might be to assign Gaudette and make him the first recall if they lose another forward.

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Goldy is tied for 3rd on the team in scoring (although brock missed a bunch of games) and he's been looking way better since he sat that game, more confident, less muffin passes to nobody. Hard to think about taking him out. I really like his skill on that line with Horvat. His assist last night was a high end play. If he keeps playing like that I can't see him sitting. 

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