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Favourite Christmas Movies

Bill Sikes

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I'm a big fan of classic movies so most of mine are oldies.


Christmas In Connecticut


Christmas Carol (1951 Alistar Sim version)


The Bishops Wife


The Homecoming (Made for TV that spawned the Waltons)


Never Say Goodbye (Errol Flynn wasn't just a swashbuckler, he had a flair for comedy as well)

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1. home alone 2 (anything with tim curry is a win)

2. home alone

3. trading places (i consider this to be a christmas movie. fite me)

4. die hard (it's a christmas movie)

5. the santa clause

6. ernest saves christmas

7. scrooged

8. black christmas (underrated horror movie)

9. frosty the snowman

10. a chipmunk christmas

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