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[Discussion] Screw the draft party... playoffs baby!!!

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The rebuild is over, now onto the finishing touches...  


This team is now a team to be taken seriously, as Tampa did last night.  


This team is up and coming.  Time to make moves to solidify the defence.  I think Nilsson and Markstrom are actually a decent combo.  They are just starting to get support from a a weaker defence.  IMO they can be tenders that can be decent playoff guys.  Plus Demko as our third stringer, giving us real depth.  


 With Hughes coming on board at the end of the year, it is like adding a top 4 d man.  What we need is to solidify the team this season.  I hope the blues are still looking to unload a RHD.  They have two and either could be game changing for us.  I think Paryako would be cheaper and an ideal partner for Hughes.  We could have a killer team going down the strech that would be very hard for teams to adjust too.  


This season reminds me of the 1989 season when we took the Gretsky lead kings to 7 with a great trade with the blues.  



Screw the draft party, lets make the playoffs.  


These guys are playing inspiring hockey.  We suddenly are developing depth that has given GMJB some latitude to trade assets for assets.  


Sutter hasn't played much but has value.  He knows the organization.  His dad and uncles played for the blues.  Growing up there always seemed to be a Sutter on the blues roster.  Gaudette has made it possible to move our foundational center and can keep back some cap as Gaudette is on and ELC.  


Baer is coming back and we have Dalhen on the farm.  Goldy can be moved.  He's young, cheap and Russian.  He could be a great setup guy for Tararsenko.  


We can send back Puliot, MDZ, Stecher or the rights to Trymakin.  


Picks can be traded and we are out if the running in the Hughes Lotto.   I see us drafting outside the top ten unless somthing freakish happens like did to the Devils last year at best.  We could lotto protect the pick.  I would be open to moving our first to land Paryako depending on the deal.  


If we could add a beast of  a RHD to skate with Hughes that has a bomb of a slapper...  That could be fantastic.  Paryako adds everything Hughes lacks.  No one is messing with Hughes either.  Paryako looks down right scary.  I don't think he has to fight to intimidate.  He is 25, his team is struggling and is open for trades.  


Our first could be the best pick available to the blues in a mid season trade.  We have players that can fill current roles on their roster that could make other assets tradable, they are relatively cheap depending on keeping cap on Sutter or Erikssson ;)  (dreaming with Erikssom, who has been better of late.) 


We can build a package around these menu options. Draft picks,  Sutter, Goldy, Baer (dont see him as tradable this year due to his injury), Granlund, Schaller, MDZ, Hutton, Tanev, Stecher, Pouliot, Markstrom, Nilsson and some second tier prospects.


  Appy's                                                entre's                                       desert 

Second tier prospects             Our second round pick.                 Our 1st plain 

Picks below the second         Tanev, Sutter, Hutton, Strecher      (protected)

 Goldy, Granlund, MDZ,           or Markstrom                                   Our first, ala mode

Pouliot, Schaller, Nilsson,

Trymakin etc....                                                                                   (unprotected)



None of these guys are core players IMO.  I would be reluctant to part with Hutton, Tanev, Stecher, the goalies this season as it would hurt our depth in our weakest areas.






PS  Pietrangelo is another player to consider.  After some thought I would rather have Paryako for a bit les 




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I believe Hutton is going to be a part of the core. He's developing into a dependable, gritty, smart Dman.


I also think the Canucks are pretty close to being done with the rebuild. Just waiting for some high level prospects to develop and earn a spot on the team. Demko, Juolevi, Dahlen, Hughes, Woo. They could still use another high Draft pick though too. Maybe add another Top 6 forward in case Lind doesn't pan out.  



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1 minute ago, Chicken. said:

Please don't trade our 1st round pick... I think we need a couple more pieces to solidify as a long-term contender. 


We should make a tdl package for another 1st 

Please yes!


Trade and resign Edler... Get your first round pick and your veteran experience next year.


Trade Sutter for a second+prosect, Del Zotto for a 4th, Gagner for a 5th, Schaller for a 4th and Nilsson for a 3rd. Then trade a 3rd+4th for another second round pick. Ahh to dream...perhaps take back a veteran D cap dump.


This team is not ready to contend long term. Better to trade veterans and then fall in the league rankings somewhat so we can have one more year at the bottom of the league. Let the young guys play after the deadline and have a rotation of rookies. End of season roster being

















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No, Roussel is playing on the first line with Erikkson, I'm not sure which part of that spells playoff team to you, but they would get a hard hit of reality if they squeaked in. 


This team is well on its way but still needs time for its support players like Dahlen and Lind to develop,  and still needs starpower on the roster. When Bo or EP's line aren't on the ice, it seems like a drag to get through. Good teams aren't like that. 

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I have no desire at all to be buyers at the deadline for a playoff run, but at the same time, I'm ready to be done with losing and I think the Canucks are as well. We're beginning our way up I think and will be closer to playoff contention next year with Hughes and probably Juolevi in the lineup. 

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We're still another blue chip prospect or two away from being a long-term contender. Pulling the rip cord right now and trading futures away will not bring long-term success. We need to allow this team to develop naturally from within rather than trying to prop up existing pieces with free agent or trade acquisitions. 

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2 minutes ago, Fateless said:

We're still another blue chip prospect or two away from being a long-term contender. Pulling the rip cord right now and trading futures away will not bring long-term success. We need to allow this team to develop naturally from within rather than trying to prop up existing pieces with free agent or trade acquisitions. 

What we need is a goalie.  Our current goalies are not consistent enough.  We need Demko to come up and play.  Otherwise we are good to go.  Goalie...goalie...goalie.  

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Canucks are proving to be a gritty no-give-up team. Tons of character. Pettersson is a lethal weapon, and Brock is always dangerous. The D might not be quite up to par, but I am really impressed with Hutton this year. Edler, Tanev, Hutton and Gudbranson are a decent Top 4. Once Sutter comes back, that should also help with faceoffs, the D game and PK. Markstrom and Nilsson have actually played very well. Not a lot of nights the Canucks get blown away. Usually close games.


If they can find another gear and stay healthy, I think they could challenge for a playoff spot. But, once there, I think they might be one and done. Still, how exciting would it be to see Canucks playoff hockey again.   

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Our beloved Canucks are not even close to ready for competing for a Stanley Cup.Let's rebuild through the draft and hope J.Benning can continue to stock the shelves with talented hard-working players that we really need especially on defense.

It's amazing how much better our goalies will become with rock solid defense men dolling out punishment for even attempting to shoot on our goalies.Then folks we will be ready for some hard playoff hockey and dominate all the way to raising the Stanley Cup as CHAMPIONS.

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Lets do the math shall we...


Playoffs current points pace.









So lets say just to be safe the Canucks need 93pts to make the playoffs.

16-17-4 for 36pts after 37 games

45 games remaining including tonight and they need 57pts.

26-14-5. So...19 total losses maximum from tonight forward. So count down the losses, once you are down to 4-5 and its still Feb.-Mar. then you can start planning the draft party, until then there is still a chance (19% according to one site).

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