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PC or Console? Now vs Future

Bruce Boudreau

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So like I have already mentioned in another thread, been wanting to get back into gaming recently, and I have still been trying to consider my options when it comes to PC vs Consoles...


What are the pros and cons of each?


For me I am a very casual gamer, only have played sports games, action, racing, or shooting,fighting games and Grand Theft Auto.


I had Windows 98 and Vista and was exclusively a "PC gamer" until I got my 1st "next gen console" in the PS3. 


The problems I had with PC gaming in the past were compatibility issues with hardware and finding good controllers. I find it to be a pain to figure out if you have the storage space and specs etc just to make sure a game will actually even work and the performance is quite different depending on your PC!! Then you have to worry about finding a good controller because I never felt comfortable with the mouse and keyboard only. Logitech maybe? Does any Xbox or PS controllers work with PC without a complex setup?


Also these next gen games require your PC to be updated frequently with new graphics cards to keep up.


Console games it seems to me are more easy to just plug and play from my experience with the PS3. Once you have your console, and a good tv or monitor, you just get the accompanying branded controllers and hardware accessories without worrying about it having good enough specs to run newer games over the consoles life span.



My current PC runs Windows 10, I am looking to get GTA V for PC because I heard the graphics are much better than on the PS3 version? 


Is my PC good enough to last 3-4 years and invest in some good PC games? 


I have GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, 12 GB RAM. Intel Core i7-8700 CPU processor.


Best place to get a good deal for a new copy of GTA V for PC?.


What is a good controller for this game anybody can recommend?


Sorry for the long post and litany of questions.


Would appreciate any help. Much Thanks!!! 






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I grew up as a console gamer, but made the transition to PC gaming about 4 years ago or so and haven't looked back (so you'll know my bias here).


With regards to compatibility with controllers, I found it to be extremely easy to get an Xbox controller hooked up to my PC. While I use keyboard & mouse for almost all my games, I do use the controller for a few (including Rocket League, which I suggested to you in your last thread). All I needed to do to use my wireless Xbox One controller was buy a Bluetooth adapter and plug it in via USB and the controller connects very easily wirelessly from that. I think PlayStation 4 controllers might connect easily too, but I've never done that so I'm not sure on the process there. The days of using weird Logitech controllers (I had one back in the day) are over and you can now use the common console controllers on a PC with ease.


With regards to the storage space, most games (even on consoles) these days are sold digitally, so unless you go oldschool and purchase hard copies, which I suspect will be a dying market pretty soon, you will run into that problem anyways, and in fact, consoles tend to have far far less storage than PCs, so you'll actually run into more storage problems on consoles unless you use physical copies.


I can understand the pain of having to figure out if a game will work or not on your PC, but you do start to get an idea for what your computer can run over time.


I'm not a PC whiz, but I do have some knowledge and it sounds like to me that your PC setup should last you probably a good 5 years without any major upgrades. I have a GTX 970, less RAM, and an older processor and can still run brand new games on "high" graphics settings, despite not upgrading my PC at all for about 4 years. While the notion that PCs need upgrading frequently holds some truth, if you build a strong PC right from the get go, as it seems you have, your PC will last as long as most console generations anyways.


Your computer should run GTA V very very nicely. If you're going for a PC version of the game, I would recommend downloading Steam, as it's by far the most common platform to buy and play games. GTA V is sold normally for $30 CAD on Steam, but is currently on sale for $15 during their winter sale.


The one caveat I have with PC gaming is that EA Sports doesn't make NHL games for PC and hasn't done so since NHL 09. I've always loved the EA Sports NHL games, so it's quite a blow to me and I would be over the moon if they started making them for PC again.

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I think the biggest advantage with a PC is the fact there are upgrade options - not so much for a console. Other advantage is there are games available to PC that are not an option on consoles. Of course there is always the option of a newer console. I am rocking the same PC for over 8 years now but I also have  consoles. PC needs a big upgrade but wife keeps pointing to the consoles as evidence I have more than I need :D

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PS3? Youre a generation behind.


Your PC is pretty much up to date as of last year and will likely last the next few years. I have a similar set up.


So yeah, going from a PS3 that's been obsolete for almost 8 years now to PC is a huge switch.


What type of monitor do you have? What size hard drive?


Also there is no such thing as "old" copies of games since everything is digital now. Just check steam or go to g2a and buy a code there. If you are worried about compatibility, don't be. Just buy off steam and you are fine.


Worth stating that if you have an Xbox controller you can plug it into your PC with a USB cable otherwise you have to use mouse and keyboard. LOL and stay away from Logitech. Cheap pieces of garbage. You don't need a Bluetooth adapter like AJ suggested.


Its literally just as easy to use steam as it is to use a console. If you can't figure it out you are too much of a beginner and I can only recommend YouTube tutorials for that.

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If you want to be good at games PC is the way to go. The skill level is much higher on PC but it means more players who take it seriously and are very good at the game. Console is more laid back and not as many good players on the games. I have both PC and Xbox but I play Xbox way more.

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I used to do a lot of pc gaming a long time ago, but ever since then much prefer sitting on my couch with a nice big TV to play my games.  No sitting at a computer desk or any BS like that.  Personally Ill take console games on a 60" TV over pc games at a desk with a monitor any day of the week, especially after a long day of work and a beer.

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7 hours ago, Bob.Loblaw said:

Lol this guy...


8th gen i7 CPU and a 1070?  Now you're just showing off.


To be clear - you got a baller machine.  You will be fine.  Go get your GTA V on Steam and game away.  You aren't going to run into any technical limitations anytime soon.



Exactly. Your fine to play a lot of games. It really depends on your monitor if you have a 4k monitor and you run the game in either 2k or 4k it

gets harder for your rig to run. If your running everything in plain ole 1080p with that rig brother you are fine.

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10 hours ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

casual gamer, if you have a pc, get steam and play pretty much anything. with the right software you can play pc games with your console controller, and steam has some pretty killer sales from time to time

Lot of people have mentioned steam and digital downloads didn't realize it was so outdated now to get the actual hard disk copy of games. Been a long time since I played obviously.

5 hours ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

Reading this thread brings back memories of trying not to my parents find out I was playing Leisure Suit 

Larry on the family computer.:P


Course that game is pretty tame by today’s standards...

Care to elaborate?

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PC wins 9 times out of 10 against any console. Only reason i play console is for the NHL games and sometimes final fantasy(although could get those for pc). Keyboard and mouse is far superior for most games, i dont know how people can aim with a controller in first person shooter games, could never get the hang of that. I used a gtx 970 since about 2012 and it was still good enough for everything (just upgraded to an RX 580) so the 1070 will probably last you just as long if not longer unless you want to start going into like 4k gaming and stuff like that.


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