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Value of my hockey card


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Hi everyone. 

I just found an old hockey card I have had stached away. it a Richard broduer card. its signed and  its in a plastic cover to protect and is Fleer  2001  has a silver stamp on the from that says greats of the game. its signed  "KIng Richard C35 "   not sure if 2001 is the year the card came out. I don't think so as im sure I had this way before that    the broduer stats on the back end in 88.   I moved to alberta in 97 and sure I got this way before that. 

Thank you 

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I found a signed Chris Drury puck from the Aves. It was in a protective casing and I had a struggle just trying to give it away. lol. 


I tried selling it for a month for as high as 50 and as low as 5. Just never moved. - Ebay is probably your best bet. Some stores locally take them. I think that hockey collectable place in Tsawwassen Mills buys signed merch. Not sure if they will take it without authentification of some kind tho. I need to get myself a signed Petey rookie card. I would like to get one that's verified a legit sig and sealed in one of those protecting cases with the card grading.


Best way to maintain a card's value for sure. It's expensive tho and the card can get damaged in shipping. X_X

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