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[Proposal] CHI + NUX

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Lets face it Chicago are ready to concede that they need to rebuild they will want to shed some cap get to the bottom and grab Jack or Kakk and get back into the playoffs asap. If the Canucks are in the  playoff hunt come deadline I propose. 


To Van 

Saad 6m until 2021 not living up to it but he's hardly washed up at 26 a change of scenery and a spot in our top 6 could see him back in the groove.


C Murphy 25yo RHD 3.85m until 2022  Has great skating ability and loads of defensive acumen. Can make an impact at the highest level because he can get under opponents' skin. Also boasts a tremendous (6-4, 212 pounds) frame. Needs to improve his defensive-zone coverage and shutdown ability even more in order to maximize output in the NHL. Is also somewhat prone to injury. Lacks some offensive flair, too.


To Chi

Spare parts and late picks 





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I think there would be value there. Having Beagle and Saad as experienced recent cup winners could help settle this young team during the playoffs. Murphy fits a lot of our team needs my feels are that both of these players would live up to their price tags on the Canucks. Something they aren't doing in Chi town. 

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