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[PGT] Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 22, 2018

-Vintage Canuck-

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1 minute ago, Roger Neilson's Towel said:

Was lucky enough to get paid to watch tonight’s game as we were down due to high winds at work.


This graphic came up during the game and I had to take a screenshot. Impressive turnaround in goals for per game by Benning, Green, and the young guns. 



The Willie D years were trash.

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4 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

We outshot Winnipeg 40-23 , shame to lose that.

Jets had 8 of the first 10 shots...

After that it was tilted ice all night.


Outstanding defensive game - and should have had at least a couple more powerplay opportunities.


Great game mis-managed by a couple incompetent clowns.

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1 minute ago, Nice guy eddy said:

I hope we go on a rip in the second half , get in the playoffs, play the jits & do what the Kings did to us in 2012 !! 

This is what I think about whenever playoffs roll around. It’s a fresh start and even the team that just barely made it in can get hot and win it all. 

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