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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers | Dec. 27, 2018

-Vintage Canuck-

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I watched about the final 50 minutes of the game. My thoughts:


- Pettersson was fantastic, as usual, but did have a few bad giveaways

- Markstrom was my first star. We were able to hold onto this game because of him.

- Roussel looked like the dream mixture of Burrows and Hansen. Amazing game by him.

- Horvat had a very strong game, as usual

- Tanev and Edler both had strong games

- Pouliot was pretty bad aside from a good pass to make a goal early on

- Boeser had a few good moments, but wasn't out of this world

- Goldy had some amazing offensive moments. He's arguably next to only Pettersson in hockey IQ on this team.

- Eriksson was largely unnoticeable but had a few good moments

- Motte was fantastic--created a few good chances and had a blazing wrister to score a goal

- Biega had a strong game

- Gudbranson had a surprisingly strong defensive game

- Refs were terrible, tons of missed calls on both sides

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"How long until Markstrom has proven himself?"


If he hasn't already, he did tonight. 2 points stolen by Marky. 


Oiler fans can complain all they want about McDavid getting abused, missed calls, yadda yadda yadda... Petey was getting hit, crosschecked, and roughed up, and still came out with 2 points, including the GWG. 


A hilarious 1st, a sloppy 2nd, and a defensively sound 3rd for the boys in blue. GCG!

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Nice work boys!

Marky commanding respect.

Bo doing everything he can.

Beagle being a real solid version of Beagle.

Virtanen maturing and improving every shift.


Boeser real confident with the puck on his stick.

Hutty sniffing around top pairing potential.

Roussell.. I'm coming around on this guy. Solid all around player.

Eagle... calm and nasty.

LE. lots of little things but defensively huge. Good veteran.

Tyler Motte. Liked him from the start and only getting better.


Edmonton.3,4 maybe 5 good players then an entire roster of average players not playing like a team.

Granted we had horseshoes up our asses tonight but that team is flawed and fragile. I'd take this Canucks team any day at this stage.

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