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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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Just now, DarthMelvin said:

I couldn't tunnell her, you were always answering for her.

Wait so you gave up your number one scum read because I was defending them?? This is the person you've been voting and shading every round. You seriously just gave up because of me? Lmao



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Just now, DarthMelvin said:

Hard to say. I wanted to see who would jump up right away and vote while the heat of frustration was brewing. Hi @112


Im Surprised MH jumped in on this. 

How exactly are you able to read "heat of frustration" within the thread? How exactly did this heat of frustration brew?


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Just now, DarthMelvin said:

Yeah remember I was going somewhere with my questions and you chimed for her... THANKS :picard:


You are like a old retired women, never mind yo bizness.

I'm gonna chime in on everything I want to. 


Just answer yes or no. Is she still your top scum read?

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Just now, Beluga Whale said:

Doughty refusing to try the proxy idea it seems.

That or he's taking a back seat or thanking god DM rolled into down.


I still have not forgotten about him btw. I have many, many, many questions for him.

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Just now, DarthMelvin said:

Ask me nicely...

I'm not gonna play games. They way I asked was fine. 


Vote DM


Everything you do is anti-town. Even if you are actually a villager you don't do a single thing to help us. All you do is leave vague reads, dance around questions, and play silly games. Thanks. 

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Vote DT


I was going to vote him regardless of the above post, but he's viewed the thread for a solid 15 minutes without saying anything. After what's been said before, I think I can get behind a vote on him.

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