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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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Like, he just throws shade on the people in the PM without offering anything more specific as to who he thinks of them are suspect.


And then he throws out the type of vote justification that might be acceptable in R1 but certainly not in LyLo.


Is that really all falcon has to say about the current state of affairs?

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2 hours ago, 112 said:

Why do you think that about falcon? i.e why more likely cult than maf?

From what I’ve seen, he hasn’t played a mafia game, trying to out TP, etc. I think he’s been playing fairly genuine, but he hasn’t been in a TP mindset. The scumhunting isn’t all there and he seems to be trying to hide a bit more. 

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1 minute ago, 112 said:

My count:


1. One One Two - DM

4. Beluga Whale - Stamkos

6. Milk and Honey - DM

7. The Jazz97 - DT

8. Stamkos - DT
10. Doubt Tea - BJ
11. Falcon - DT
16. Blue Jay - DM
17. Darth Melvin - BJ

Should we keep as is then and thunderdome DM and DT?

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6. Milk and Honey - Tp

7. The Jazz97 - Tp

8. Stamkos - Tp
10. Doubt Tea - Mafia
11. Falcon - Cult
17. Darth Melvin - Mafia


BJ, 112, BW

One of these is Cult imho. 


These are my reads rn, if we have 2 cultists and 2 mafia left that is. 

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Image result for jonestown art

The townspeople spoke less firmly today with last night's loss of Master Radishes.

"I am tracker"- dt said
"we should um lynch DT he is a liar" - the town replied
"I AM TRACKER!" - DT echoed for four days and four nights
"...okay I'm actually doctor haha" - dt said
"WOLF!!!!!" - the townspeople said
"WOLF!" - ...The boy cried.

Doubt Tea you may have your last words


Image result for jonestown massacre

Jazz's body was found in the mess. The mafia had gotten to him.


Time Lord(Vig)
Otherwise(Vanilla TP)
Master Radishes(Vanilla TP)

JohnLocke(Vanilla TP)
Doubt Tea(Doctor)
The Jazz(Vanilla TP)

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Remaining Players:

1. One One Two

4. Beluga Whale

6. Milk and Honey

8. Stamkos
11. Falcon
16. Blue Jay
17. Darth Melvin

Death awaits one unfortunate soul...

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