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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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If the game is still on, I realize I may look scummy for that.


But I will plead my innocence,


When I am pressed;

And if we don't know now,

It will be proven by my actions in this round,

Where I will tow the town,

Through much hardship,

To a township win

Against the wolves

And their plots/hits,

That I am but a vanilla citizen.


More experimental than Aladeen's; I'm not sure if it works. But I expect my TPness will radiate through the lines.


Honestly, I should have asked Stamkos to switch; I greatly regret it. I sort of panicked because I ran through the thread to find the votes I didn't have after I made the post voting for DM initially. When I made the post posting the vote tally, I wasn't sure if it was accurate or if I had miscounted, and I figured the safest thing to do would be to switch over to DT.


I don't understand why BW disappeared with his vote on Stamkos of all players. I get it if you're not on at nightfall, but kinda weird to switch immediately upon my random vote and never come back. I was just assuming at the end there he's a wolf. And I'm still assuming that. I came back 30 minutes before nightfall and he was nowhere to be seen, which kind of threw me off, because I figured he'd absolutely be on. I've been sus of him for the past round and should have pushed that further while I had the time. That's my bad.



I am not going to try to use my brain and attempt to understand the possibilities of who's alive and whether the town's even in the game right now. I assume they are not but have profoundly sorrowful hopes that there is still a way for the town, my genuine faction, to grab victory in this most respectful match, whereof there will be much bragging rights earned and highs of emotion.


Where art thou, foul mafia? And to thou disgusting cultists, but of whoms't existence I strongly suspect, I say watch out! For this brilliant mafia player right here is on the case!


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1 minute ago, Beluga Whale said:

Sorry for not being around; I went out.


The comment at the end of the nightfall report suggests someone was poisoned. Tin foil: 112 is some kind of SK poisoner. And she probably just poisoned me.

You know, if I were some kind of 3P role with the ability to poison someone, you would be my number one choice. :P

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1 minute ago, Beluga Whale said:

Someone was definitely poisoned, so this is gonna be even more difficult. Surely we're in LYLO territory. 

I didn't even put two and two together until you pointed it out. Honest. So it's not me.


tfw we just lynched the only medical person in our whole town and someone starts going right to chemical warfare.



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2 hours ago, falcon45ca said:

I feel confident there was a rat early on in the tp PM, aside from Aladeen.



Dont like DT's doc claim.



Ok. Wolfy popin.


2 hours ago, 112 said:

Unvote; Vote Doubt Tea


I'll be dipping out now or shortly. I'm leaving this here because it's the most confident vote I think I have.


@Blue Jay 22 yw ;)

How was Doughty a better vote than DM or even Falcon/Stamkos?


Tbh when I left I thought DM was gonna be a lock so it's definitely my bad for not helping around nightfall. 

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Just now, Beluga Whale said:

Ok. Wolfy popin.


How was Doughty a better vote than DM or even Falcon/Stamkos?


Tbh when I left I thought DM was gonna be a lock so it's definitely my bad for not helping around nightfall. 

Yeah. I agreed, ultimately, and wanted to vote for DM. I really should've tried to get Stamkos to switch instead of switching myself. It was a bad play of mine and I feel bad about it because I'm a better player than that. But I swear I'm just a vanilla TP.


Are you? lol



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