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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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1 minute ago, Beluga Whale said:

Petey's not playing tomorrow and I have tickets for that game. :( 

I'm going to the game next Friday and then again on the 23rd.


If Petey isn't playing in either of them I'm going to have a tantrum.

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6 minutes ago, milk and honey said:

focus boys on who would want to kill me and why would they give me a 24hour notice that I am about to die.



You're a good target for literally everyone considering you're basically confirmed.


Who are you PMing?

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Just now, Beluga Whale said:

I'm so blessed to be the only one you haven't voted this round.

Kinda bizarre considering I FoSed you hard right after nightfall.


Maybe I'm just waiting for the perfect moment.


Remember when I said I'm all about misdirection? ;)

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Just now, 112 said:

I thought your power was used up.


Unvote; Vote BJ

i got informed that I am about to die but I have to do certain activities that I need clarifying to help the town win. If I don't post 25times this round only 3people can vote tomorrow. if we don't vote a scum out tonight "the year 2018 will become the year of utter confusion of a messy honey milk mess" I am trying my best to leave u guys with as much info as possible but ya know vote for me. also bj is just so scummy If I could convert  as scum I would choose bj or u. HM of falcon/stamkos sure as hell wouldn't convert bw he is a clean sexy majestic whale 

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