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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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11 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

It’s possible to have the opinion of a player develop, but he’s telling someone who he was suspicious of earlier to hop on board with his vote?


Stamkos :mellow:

I am suspicious of him. I want to see if he’s going to stay as is or bandwagon again

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According to my Theory of Mafia, changing reads/votes isn't scummy, but it can be depending on the context.


falcon's switching has been opportunistic and doesn't seem to come from a TP mindset.


I think him using that PM against Stamkos is very telling. There's nothing about it that makes me think Stamkos is more likely to be maf/3rd party.

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1 minute ago, falcon45ca said:

Why was I added to a PM about a doc claim? Those who are in the PM gave me as scum, what was their reasoning?

At work, not a ton of time for interrogation.

I added a number of people to ensure a TP read it. I'm anything but sure of my reads at this time. There's no excuse not to play it safe with those things.

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1 hour ago, 112 said:

Unvote; Vote falcon


I think he's our best bet. He went anon, too.

How do you know this? Sorry if it's been answered already. 


Also, there's nothing towny about Stamkos' entrance today. Seems like he's desperate to lynch either Falcon or DM. 

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