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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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1 minute ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Actually, probably still tripping.


As far as the game goes, I'm guessing 4ish-5ish mafia, depending on 3P, which given Zfetch's history, is more than 50/50. Rest are probably some form of TP. Probably around 5 bad guys or people that don't belong TP.



There's PMing so I'm assuming there must be more scum than the usual 25%. Probably like 6-7 non-TP.

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6 hours ago, Beluga Whale said:

Wait, it shows when people are typing now?! 


I like this.


6 hours ago, Beluga Whale said:

At the bottom where it shows the users reading the thread. If the name is italicized then they are currently typing. Either that's new or I've never noticed it before. 

LMAO this has been around for years but it only works if the person isn't anon.

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Does the typing thing work on mobile? 


I havent been in too many fetch games, I think the last one I was in was when he did the horror themed one around halloween 2017 but I’m not sure though. What’s the chance he handed out every role he put in the op?


As well, are there any specifications about the five post rule? Could someone theoretically come in and post letter by letter at nightfall or is that restricted?

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