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CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2019

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CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2019


Pick 20 famous people you think might die in 2019.

Deaths must be confirmed by a web link.

In case of a tie, the winner will be the one with the lowest collective ages (of death).

Do not edit your submission (beyond it's original submission date) or it will be disqualified.

Make your submissions anytime from today through 2019. Deaths before your submission date will not count.


Note This is a Celebrity Dead Pool. You cannot simply select people just because they are old. They must be famous for something other then being old.


People up for state sponsored execution (death row) and hostages are excluded.


Important note - You may not kill anyone on your list or your entry will be disqualified. :(







This year's winner will be awarded a Pavel Bure Upper Deck rookie card. The card is pictured below.




The card is in mint condition.


Once the contest closes the winner will be contacted via private message on CDC and the card will be shipped wherever they like.


Figured I'd give a heads up to last year's participants. @Bill Sikes @gurn @goalie13 @McIlhargey the Lesser @canuckpuckluck15 @Salacious Crumb @smithers joe @Cerridwen  @Shift-4


Link to last year's pool


One last note. I seem to be incapable of making a status update on this site. If a few of you wouldn't mind, maybe make a few status updates informing people of the game and the prize available over the next week or so and maybe we can get some more participants this year. Cheers Futz

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1 marge champion

2 norman lloyd

3 olivier dehavilland

4 kirk douglas

5 nehemiah persoff

6 betty white

7 janis paige

8 rhonda fleming

9 glynis johns

10 carol channing

11 larry storch

12 eva marie saint

13 l.q. jones

14 dewey martin

15 queen elizabeth

16 dick van dyke

17 bob dole

18 henry kissinger

19 arlene dahl

20 gena rowlands


good luck everyone.


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1. jake the snake roberts

2.queen elizabeth

3. hulk hogan

4. donald trump

5. betty white

6. kayne west

7. donald sutherland

8. bob barker

9. bill cosby

10. jimmy carter

11. jerry stiller

12. pope benedict

13. mel brooks

14. bob newhart

15. wilfred brimly

16. robert duval

17. tommy chong

18. ariana grande

19. roberta mcain

20. charlie sheen


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Due to me entering a celebrity that has already deceased I have redone my entry rather than edit. I have deleted the post above.


  1. Linda Nolan
  2.  Prince Phillip
  3. Dick Van Dyke
  4. Doris Day
  5. Tommy Chong
  6. Herman Wouk
  7. Olivia de Havilland
  8. Queen Elizabeth
  9. Vera Lynn
  10. Angela Lansbury
  11. Bob Newhart
  12. Kirk Douglas
  13. Norman Lloyd
  14. Pierre Cardin
  15. Betty white
  16. Larry King
  17. Bob Hawke
  18. Carol Channing
  19. Beverly Cleary
  20. Leah Bracknell
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1 Dick Van Dyke

2 Mel Brooks

3 Carl Reiner

4 Steve Martin

5 Bob Newhart

6 Kirk Douglas

7 Doris Day

8 Betty White

9 Bob Barker

10 Bob Dole

11 Jimmy Carter

12 Prince Phillip

13 William Shatner

14 Michael  Caine

15 Sean Connery

16 Tony Bennett

17 James Lipton

18 Alan Alda

19 Vera Lynn

20 Olivia De Havilland


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1. Betty white

2. Bob Barker

3. Hal Holbrook

4. Pope Benedict XVI

5. Cloris Leachman

6. Gary Busey 

7. Tim Curry

8. Randy Quaid

9. Cale Yarborough
10. Sean Connery

11. Bob Dole

12. Steve-O

13. Deryck Whibley

14. Bill Cosby 

15. Richard petty

16. Don Cherry 

17. Keith Richards 

18. Willie Nelson

19. Pauly Shore

20. Jerry Jones

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Emile Francis
Jim Conacher
Ted Lindsay
Howie Meeker
Robert Mugabe
Prince Philip
Kirk Douglas
Jimmy Carter
Betty White
Bob Barker
Olivia De Havilland
Bob Dole
Pierre Cardin
Tommy Lasorda
Beverly Cleary
Hugh Downs
Doris Day
Carl Reiner
Vera Lynn
Leah Bracknell

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Not sure if it's too late  :unsure:

ruling by @nuckin_futz



1. Paul Anka

2. Sean Connery

3. Kirk Douglas

4. Prince Philip

5. Tommy Chong

6. Olivia de Havilland

7. Shannon Doherty

8. Doris Day

9. Vera Lynn

10. Kim Jong-Un

11. Bob Dole

12. Tom Brokaw

13. Bill Cosby

14. Desmond Tutu

15. Valerie Harper

16. Herman Wouk

17. Clint Eastwood

18. Bob Barker

19. Jimmy Carter

20. Donald Trump

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Kirk Douglas

Prince Philip

6ix9ine Tekashi

Robert Mugabe

Bill Cosby

Jimmy Carter

Pete Davidson

Beverly Cleary

Roberta McCain

Artie Lange

Ozzy Osbourne

Carl Reiner

Jake Lloyd

Francis Ford Coppola

Sean Connery

Henry Kissinger

Hulk Hogan

Hosni Mubarak

Desmond Tutu

Olivia de Havilland


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I want dat card



Clint Eastwood 1.

Prince Phillp 2.

Queen Elizabeth 3.

Dick Van Dyke 4.

Linda Nolan 5.

Leah Bracknell 6.

Javier Perez du Cuellar 7.

Pierre Cardin 8.

Kirk Douglas 9.

Herman Wouk 10.

Dorris Day 11.

Bob Barker 12.

Vera Lynn 13.

Henry Kissinger 14.

June Brown 15.

Stanley Baxter 16.

Honor Blackman 17.

Jimmy Carter 18.

Robert Mugabe 19.

Keith Richards 20.

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Sorry I'm late to the party. Here's my submission:


1. Henry Kissinger

2. Jimmy Carter

3. Kirk Douglas

4. Joe Walsh

5. Christopher Plummer

6. Joe Clark

7. Jerry Lee Lewis

8. Tommy Chong

9. Michael Richards

10. Dick Van Dyke

11. Hosni Mubarak

12. Bob Dole

13. David Dinkins

14. Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

15. Prince Philip

16. Vera Lynn

17. Beverly Cleary

18. Joe Pesci

19. Flavor Flav

20. Val Kilmer


I know this is awful, but I really have my fingers crossed on some of these guys.

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