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[Speculation] Edm trying to move Spooner


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11 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

Thinking he will be getting canned sooner than later. They should just do it now before he makes more moves though.


Schaller for Spooner with some retention?

Highly doubt anyone is willing to take a player making 1.9 as a 14th forward/press box piece. 

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12 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

We'll take him if they take Eriksson. Lol. 

Eriksson is a disspointment.  But he's playing hard.


I watched him bust his ass skating to create pressure numerous times in the Calgary game. Was good with Gaudette as well! And no more in game naps! :bored:


I don't make that trade.

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2 hours ago, rekker said:

So....Eberle for Strome. Strome for Spooner. Spooner, who's value if you include his contact is barely worth anything.  Wow, just wow. How does that tool keep his job. 

The difference between Chia and a tool is one is useful, and the other is Chia. 

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