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[Proposal] Give Panarin to Horvat.

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No no, the title is misleading. its not a Horvat for Panarin trade proposal. my point
Horvat needs a skilled winger to explodes, and Panarin is the main target to chase. 

i would take a high risk and send our 1st in 2019 to CLB if Panarin signs here for someting like 32M/4y. 
Our window is just re-opening, but Horvat -in his actual ceiling- is already close to his prime, lets say 2 years max away, and i do hope we won't waste some of his years to fulfills his immediate needs. With a gifted winger, his ceiling could be pushed way further. 

I don't think adding another quality but not nhl ready prospect is the good thing to do, due to this window. 

My risky but -no rental- trade : 

to CLB : 1st 2019  + Pouliot + Granlund  <=> to Van : A.Panarin (sign) + A.Texier (french prospect : FIN league) 

if there is no signing process with Panarin, there is no trade talk...

I'm not that sure CLB has a clear upper hands to maximize the return. with that trade they still manage to get something huge for Panarin and not let him walk at the end of the year, with this early 1st rnd pick and a mobile defenceman to an already very good squad, + a good  jack of all trades 3rd line C/W in Granlund. 

From our side, we gain a ultra skilled Winger to play at Horvat's pace, not to mention a russian guy to lure Tryamkin (who will replace Pouliot). 
add to that a solid french prospect, Roussel's teammate in the national French team. (as a french guy from France, i already saw him play and he has some really nifty hands) 

thoughts ? 


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I’m completly aware of the low return in my proposal, but i’m pointed out à possible urgency trade from CLB if it becomes clear that Panarin will not came to a deal with them around TDL time.


When i said 8M i’m taking into considération the future contract of Pettersson that i could see at least in the 10M range. I guess a 8M contract for Panarin is the maximum Vancouver could absorb, assuming Boeser and Horvat will not be in their bridges deals anymore, and Virtanen get a significant raise. I’m not even talk about Hugues.


You can see how it turns bad for CHI with two 10,5M contracts. The cap could be more friendly by the time but it will just allow a handfull of primetimes players to earn 15% more on their own deal and prevent teams to fully benefits of the raised cap.

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7 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

You will not get a top forward in the NHL for spare parts. 


Unless you're Edmonton, then you'll give away Taylor Hall. 



Do you think our 1st - a possible lotery pick - is a spare part ? Do you trade our 1st for Panarin ? 

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1 minute ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

I'm thinking if Panarin is going to walk, they will get a lot more at the trade deadline than a 1st and spare parts. 

I try to separate the real value of Panarin (which we cant compete with in terms of assets others than Petey and Boeser/Hugues) with the return CLB could obtain in emergency mode. You think they would still managed to gain more than that, and you could be right, but we saw some curious moves in the past. We can still upgrade our proposal, but i’m aiming a desesperate move by CLB. 


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Wishful thinking all around.  An extended Panarin will cost a lot more than a 1st and some spare parts.  And that extension is going to be $10m+ a year for 7 years.  There is no reason for Panarin to take less term or Money. Especially from a team he hasn’t played a single game for. 

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What about Dzingal 1.8 m this yeaor Chiasson 650.000 this year? both ufa looking for good raises..Edm might not be able to afford Chase and Zinger might want out?

or Silverburgh who might cost a bit more  at 3.75 m this year  but a Canuck killer.

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Breadman is going to get his namesake this summer, that is a lot of dough.  Since coming he’s demonstrated that he’s one of a few wingers in this league that can drive a line all on his own, and make good lines great (just ask Kane how much he misses him).  He’s built and plays today’s game as well as any winger, anyone who wins the Panarin lotto should get immidiate dividends.  


Vancouver from a league wide perspective makes some sense as we can check a lot of the boxes, the biggest one being can we afford to pay him.   He’s going to get 9 plus million and full term (which will likely be an anchor the last few years).  Panarin, EP and Boeser would make one of the best lines in hockey and is awfully tempting, could be the most dominant line we’ve had since the WCE years and 2010-2012 Sedins.  


Stone wouldnt be too bad either.  Trouble with the team is we’d make our cap bed a bit too early on and could be stuck with mediocre defense and or goaltending, and not have the money to plug holes later and sign some of the unknown commodities in our prospect pool to second contracts and be forced to trade them for whatever we can (like CHI).


Nothing ventured nothing gained, I’m not apposed to the idea of signing another high profile UFA, it’s always exciting when it does happen and not all of them work out (LE actually played some really good hockey at one point in his career and who knows why Ryan fell off the cliff in OTT so young) but the timing feels off.  Stone is doing well too and has flown under the radar for the most part the last three years, but is doubtful he will earn the entirety of his next contract too.  


Soft pass on both of them for now, but would be excited regardless if we signed either of them.

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