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Is Alex Edler Peaking at 32?


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I've been a fan of Edler for years, he's playing well this year too and it's not like our other D is better than him. (Maybe Tanev is debatable to some people.)

So as much as I want him to stay... I think this is the best time to let him go though, because his value might not ever be this high again.


*EDIT: Then again, I'm hearing that the Canucks will be trying to resign him. I don't really oppose to that either...

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Well, at first thought, age would indicate Edler's close to peaking. He's certainly in the back phase of his career.


But looking at his stats and minutes, though, he hasn't peaked out.


Last season's totals were among the best of his career. This season he's on pace to equal or beat last year's production. He's currently 4th in the league for blocked shots and his average TOI is over 23 min/g. 


Right now it's looking like Edler will still be highly effective into his mid-30s. I mean, gees, even if/when he does drop off a bit over the next couple seasons, a reduction in ice time will still allow him to be highly effective. 


Management has a tough decision. I see both sides of the coin. I'm not opposed to trading Edler but we need to get the right value.


At this moment in time, I'm leaning toward re-signing him for a couple more seasons. Had Juolevi worked out and made the leap to the big club, and had Tryamkin still been here, I'd likely be leaning toward trading him. We still have notable issues on D.


With Hughes, and possibly Juolevi, being here next season, I think we need Edler to stabilize our D during the transition. Same with Tanev. Our young D just isn't ready. And with Demko joining the team, obviously Benning is starting to think from the net out again.

Edler, and Tanev, provide known stability as Demko transitions as well.



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