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*UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain


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It didn't look good at all. My first thought was MCL or ankle/knee sprain, but I'm no Dr. It's good news that he was walking around soon after on his own without a noticeable limp. I'm not sure I'll be watching tomorrow's game if Pettersson is out. I don't really want to sit there for 3 hours on a precious Saturday night while I watch TOR easily beat us, hearing over and over about how great Marner is and how he deserves an all-star spot, etc. It's an easy fix TOR, send Marner instead of Tavares.  

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1 minute ago, Maketherightmove said:

Hoping he's fine as well, but people have been known to walk around for years with major knee damage (torn meniscus, acl/mcl damage, etc.) and not even know it. 


I'm not breathing easy until we have clean MRI results. 




SAN JOSE -- San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton played with a torn MCL and ACL in his left knee during the Western Conference First Round against the Edmonton Oilers, coach Peter DeBoer said Monday.

Thornton, who missed the final three games of the regular season and first two of the playoffs after he was injured April 2 against the Vancouver Canucks, returned for Game 3 against the Oilers on April 16. He had two assists in four games, but Edmonton advanced to the second round with a 4-2 series win.

"I've never seen a player play with a torn MCL and ACL," DeBoer said. "Basically, his knee is floating there. It was as courageous an effort, him doing what he did, as I've ever seen."


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Thinking positively -



  • At least its not a concussion, Pettersons' greatest weapon is his mind.
  • Other hockey players have comeback from worse
  • Coach said he'll probably be back in a week (Something to that effect)
  • Gives the team a challenge and learning opportunity not to just rely on one player (We need to have that mentality of playing even harder when our stars are out)
  • Shows us how important Petterson has been
  • Reminds JB to get an enforcer...or 10


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