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Quick question 

Where do the canucks practice and are they open to the public? 

Im currently in Vegas on vacation and had a great experience attending the knights practice. 

We have a vacation home in summerlin which is where the knights practice facility is. 

They have a weekly practice schedule which is free and open to the public on a first come first serve basis. 

It was a packed crowd and it was fun to watch a live nhl practice. 

You can see the skills of guys like Karlsson and Patch who kept sniping bar down while i dont think Reeves put one past MA Fleury all practice. He didn't connect on any if his passes on the odd man rush drills either and it was fun watching his linemates give him the gears as practice was nearing the end. 

While i had a great time, i thought it would be amazing to watch a canucks practice as i actually care about our team. With the knights, i couldnt identify some of the players as i dont watch them enough. 


Super interesting to see all the love for the Golden Knights here in Vegas. Having an amazing inaugural season was such a blessing as i see golden knights gear everywhere. 



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A number of years back, when the Grizzlies were in Vcr and they had the Rogers Arena for games, the Canucks often practised at a facility named Eight Rinks in Burnaby. Just like you I used to go and watch, not only the Canucks but the opponents too. Sit and have a cup of coffee and yeah it was fun. To me it kind of give a sense of reality to the players too, closer to the fans

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They practice at Rogers arena, which is closed to the public except for arena tours where you can watch them practice on a game day for like half an hour. Unfortunately this isn’t free.


The exception is that when there is an event at Rogers they’ll practice at a different rink, usually UBC. You might have better luck in that case.

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