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[Report] Derek MacKenzie announces retirement

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MacKenzie (shoulder) has retired from the NHL, George Richards of The Athletic reports.


Although MacKenzie will no longer be involved as a player, the 37-year-old vet has already transitioned into the second stage of his NHL career as an assistant coach for the Panthers. The 1999 fifth-round pick will retire having racked up 51 goals and 125 points in 611 appearances during his illustrious 16-year career.


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3 hours ago, BananaMash said:

Derek MacKenzie is one of my favorite players ever. Basically forced himself into the league in his 30s and then got to be Florida's captain while they waited for a younger player to develop.


Guy is legitimately one of the best stories of determination, I think.

Great post. 

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16 hours ago, Dazzle said:

What have you done with your illustrious life?

You mean in the time between working on the cure for cancer and Alzheimer's? Well I fill that time helping cub scouts, help old ladies across the street.

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On 1/5/2019 at 2:02 PM, gurn said:



congrats on the coaching job.

Why do you make it sound like what he did in the NHL was bad? The guy was clearly respected by his team, and his experience is so valued that they gave him a coaching job. Like what someone said above, what are you doing with your life to question Mackenzie's career? LOL. I don't see you suiting up for over 600 NHL games.

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il·lus·tri·ous | \i-ˈlə-strē-əs \

Definition of illustrious 


1 : notably or brilliantly outstanding because of dignity or achievements or actions : eminent

2 archaic

a : shining brightly with light

b : clearly evident




The guy had a decent career and has moved on to coaching. But I do not count his career as being "illustrious"

Your view may vary.




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