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[Proposal] VAN - CAR

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There was talk last night of Carolina having everyone up for grabs and a good point mentioned that most players out of Carolina seem to really flourish (Skinner, Lindholm etc.), and that there may be talk of Ferland or Hamilton on the block...


Of all their flashy defencemen, I'd have a look at Pesce (big body, right hand shot, somehow a plus player on a terrible team) and Slavin (had low-key success for a while in Carolina). They need goal scoring and playmaking quite desperately over there to help out Aho.


TO VAN: Pesce or Slavin + 4th or 5th round pick

TO CAR: Goldobin + Pouliot + 2nd round pick


Why Carolina does this: Goldobin's stats are padded, yes, but he's currently our 4th highest scorer and good enough to be in their top-6. Pouliot is terrible, yes, but might benefit from Carolina's defensive structure more than ours and is really just a body to fill on D. We obviously give up a good pick in a good draft too as Carolina look to be rebuilding.


Why Vancouver does this: Like Nashville, Carolina are fantastic at developing young defencemen and keeping them secret. These guys are both big boys, in their early 20's and play a Green-like defensive style. Personally I'd be more interested in Pesce (may cost us less as well, maybe not the draft pick) as a nice shutdown right handed defenceman we can slot in with Juolevi next season too.

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It's not everyone, just impending UFA Ferland and not-quite-fitting Hamilton. The Canes are on fire, and hung up when the Leafs asked for Slavin in a Nylander deal, so that tells you how far off (read: a galaxy away) you are on value.


Pesce is Tanev; far more valuable to the team than he has trade value. Slavin is the most under-rated defenseman in the league, bar none.


And if the Canes do trade a defenseman, it's for scoring help, not other teams' cast-offs.

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