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[Waivers] Schmaltz(stl) Scherbak(la) Wideman(fla) Jan 6/18


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6 hours ago, rekker said:

Goldy being benched two or three times this year magnifies the lack of consistancy. Points are nice but the lack of compete, giveaways are telling. The play dies on his stick way to often. I still hold out hope for the kid but its telling when you make trips to the press box on one of the worst teams in the NHL. Did he play last night? Exactly. 

I'm cool with Green continuing with the tough love. He's done it with Baer and Jake and that seemed to work out pretty well. If Green can turn Goldobin into a 2 way player, we have a linemate for Petey for next 5+ years. But if Goldobin doesn't start to figure it out by the end of the year, you can bet Benning will take good hard look at free agency this summer. It would be pretty enticing to sign here to play on EP's wing...

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5 hours ago, oldnews said:

People tend to error-gaze where D are concerned - and dwell on them = look for nothing but.

No doubt Pouliot makes errors (all D do) and his tend to be puck-moving down low in his own zone under pressure.

Not going to pretend I wasn't hoping for more out of Pouliot this year, but at the same time, the whipping boy status is CDC's patented knee-jerk need to ride someone, anyone.

In fairness to Pouliot, he does a number of  things well - he's having a better season than Hutton did last year - and Pouliot's situational play has been challenging at times this year given the loss of depth.   He also has guys like Juolevi and Hughes earmarked for LHD spots on this roster, so it's an uphill battle longer term - but I think he has the tools to stick in the NHL, needs to get some confidence rolling though.

I agree.  It seems like once somebody becomes the whipping boy on this team he will never escape from that. 

Mason Raymond was a second line winger on a team that came very close to , and maybe should have, won the cup. Could he really have been that bad of a player as he was made out to be. Elias Patterson falls down more than he did but yet MR was made fun of for it consistently.

It's nice to get an objective pov like you have given here. 

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20 hours ago, Canuck Surfer said:

I suppose I might be asking for poor mans gravy with Schmaltz? Asking him to be PMD.


Stecher, I really like him. And no hope Schmaltz displaces Tanev or Guddy. For a small guy, Stech just battles, and wins his share, more, in spite of his size. He has some puck skills and moxy. But we have not seen him used offensively as heavily since WD left. But I don't supplant Stecher to get more offense from the right side. Stech is actually tracking to above 20 points just primarily 3rd pair minutes.   


The question was simply if we are better with Schmaltz as 7th or 8th man? Or Biega? Schmaltz is 5 or 6 years younger and brings a different skill set. Until a Woo arrives...


Yes, more drafting the real and longer term fix! Agreed.




I never intended for him to compete with the left D guys. Hutton and Pouliot are getting their chance to make Edler redundant. While we await Juolevi, and yes our earmarked PMD Hughes. Lots of credit to Green. And Pettersson? Green has Pouliot playing ok, Hutton and Edler both with improved much better seasons.   

I think that's a legit question - and maybe a good case for claiming him - although it's likely they'd be claiming him to sit him in the press box.

Biega would have to clear again - which he might.

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1 hour ago, combover said:

Wow, poo a lot should be on waivers right now the experiment is a miserable failure.

should have started a reclamation project with schmaltz. It’s impossible to more useless than poo a lot. 

Pouliot has been better than MDZ. And was better than Hutton last year. Not the case any more in terms of being better than Hutton this year. .


Which gives us a depth chart of LHD; Edler, Hutton, Pouliot, MDZ. And Pouliot does some good things, along with some things he's not proficient at.   


Next year add Hughes to the same chart. MDZ is out of contract. Hopefully traded, but not going to be re-signed regardless. Pouliot becomes the 4LHD. Unless Juolevi, hopefully, knocks him out?


But there is also the for instance that Edler is neither traded? Nor re-signed. Re-signed seeming likely at this stage? So we may, in fact, see Pouliot for a 200 or 300 game Canuck career.  Who know? He's also fast enough, and skilled enough to have been a top 15 NHL draft pick. The regimentation to improve his physical performance. And on ice lessons, may see him lift his game?


Sink, swim, or start to surf the NHL? He's in our top 6 D at the moment, solidly placed on our 3rd pair.



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30 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

Something's really off here.


Schmaltz has some really good numbers, especially given his second year in Chicago, where he put up 50 points.


The guy is only 22 and has put up legitimately good numbers.


Why did he fall so far south?

Pay close attention to the title of the topic :emot-parrot:

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