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[Mafia] Hyperspace

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5 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

Stamkos avatar review:


-91 overall (I actually don't know what the &^@# is going on. I think I caught him in the middle of selecting his new avatar)




I'm starting a GoFundMe to buy Stamkos some more pixels. 

I gave up

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10 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

Blue jay avatar review:


several out of ten because this is exactly how I picture him looking when he gives me those salty responses








Since when has BJ given you saltier responses than I?



Imma take this to the labour board... or union, or PTA, or whichever regulatory body that will pay heed to my complaint and salivate at my nudes.



The list is (likely) short, strong, & slightly salivating.



Check out dat alliteration

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12 minutes ago, 112 said:

I have so many sick avatars tbh you should all be jealous


I never use them because I don't like to show off.

That is false.


You have always, with a modicum of modesty mostly reserved for those of the clergy, culminated a constant & continuous collection of certainly conservatively fabulous ava...what?


Whatever the name is of James Cameron's remake of Fern Gully. Avarice? Available Affluence? An Anemic Attempt At Attributing Apathy to An All-Consuming Consumer  Appetite?


I just know the word is similar to Avatar, but it cost hundreds of millions to regurgitate an animated children's film's storyline.


All about alliteration.

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