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[Mafia] Hyperspace

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Master 112

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1 minute ago, Master Radishes said:

I would've believed myself sheriff too. Any of us would have. 


It's just funny because of the context of last game. :lol:

Yeah, I thought it was gonna be perfect cover for me to tunnel BJ without looking like an obvious sheriff.


I guess the wolf chat was having a big laugh as that happened. :P

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24 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Lessons learned:

-Don't leave it to very lasy minute to role claim if you're about to be lynched, especially if you're taking someone else down with you. 

-Don't assume you're the real sheriff if it's a closed setup. 

I could have claimed to be Mrs. Beluga Whale and BW would still have lynched me. Once he got that result, it was over.

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My thoughts on the game:


I had outlined the buffs and nerfs each faction received in my head while I was making the set-up. These included:


Town's benefit:

-Number of town versus mafia purely numbers-wise was arguably slanted in the town's favour, depending on whether one considers a higher number of townspeople always better for the town or whether they think smaller numbers of scum abet the scum to hide better. I could have made a template where there were 5 mafia instead of 4, is what I'm saying.

-Number of specials was on the high-end. This, compounding with the next point, theoretically should have helped the specials form alliances quickly.

-PMs were allowed, and presumably when the real Sheriff was established and had sent a few investigations off, they would have been made in touch with the Vigilante + Lovers and had a strong feel off who the possible scum were.

-The Paranoid Sheriff may well have been taken seriously and would have been strongly believed TP depending on how things went, arguably cleared, strengthening the alliance on the fringe of it.


Mafia's benefit:


-The strength and overall individual quality of the roles they had was much better than that of the TP. The town did not have a Doctor or any power role beside a Sheriff and Vigilante, and the scum had two roles that could identify the Vig.

-Closed set-up made people less willing to believe genuine TP role claims, easier for mafia to claim something.

-Paranoid Sheriff and Lovers both working against the town somewhat.


When Snake Doctor didn't show up, there was really no hope of a strong alliance ever forming, especially when BW went after BJ on reasonable grounds and got him lynched. The only real hope of him being saved were if Snake Doctor investigated a TP, contacted them and had them claim in the thread. BJ neglected to claim because he thought the mafia would immediately target him, which was justified. And he had a bit of an oversight regarding whether there was any possibility of faction changes that ultimately sealed his fate close to nightfall. I possibly should have reminded players to read the OP when I started the game. I don't know what his thoughts are on this one. :P:ph34r:

DT was the town's best player this game and saved them from absolute disaster. Ultimately, the town got 2/6 of their faction kills right, and both of those were owned by Doughty. When a God Kill hit them on top of those mislynches, as well as the Lovers being taken out together with one lynch, they just didn't have the numbers to survive any longer.


I think inactivity did a large part to plague the town this game.


GG guys, haven't read the last 8 posts yet, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the game was balanced. Thanks for playing. :)

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I did not think the Paranoid Sheriff would prove this bastardized, and I'm sorry. I figured the real Sheriff would be able to do something to prevent a disaster like that, i.e. though investigating a TP or investigating a scum and pushing that lynch very strongly. At worst, I figured it would be a 1-TP sacrifice to maybe help prove their innocence, depending on how genuine they seemed. I did not expect the Lovers to go down like that; I figured they would be able to claim and prevent it from even happening. They didn't want to because it would have made them a target of the mafia, which was, again, reasonable. I should have foreseen it or not made them die together, but instead given them a buff such as a 1-shot kill or 1-shot bulletproof upon their partner dying.


I feel bad about that one.

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On 1/23/2019 at 12:20 AM, falcon45ca said:

The vig is doing a stellar job on their own.




For doubting the best TP player this far


On 1/23/2019 at 12:39 AM, Zfetch said:

Okay we are playing a new game I call tres. It's like uno but it's three. It's also related to mafia.


Here's how the game works. You get the active players. Separate 3 at a time into comparable categories. Person who wins scummiest in each category gets one point. Persons with tres points win scummyness. I'm making this game up as I type so bare with me and hopefully it's a breakthrough in scum hunting technology.

There may be overlap between categories due to numbers.


1) Master Radishes 4) Alain Vigneault 6) falcon45ca 10) Zfetch 11) Doubt Tea 12) g_bassi13 13) Snake Doctor 15) otherwise



High: AV, Z, Falcon

Scum: AV +1


Med: Falcon, MR, DT

Scum: MR +1


Low: Bassi, SD, Otherwise

Scum: Otherwise +1



Meaningful: Z, DT, MR

Scum: MR +1


Marginal: MR, Falcon, AV

Scum: MR +1


Useless: SD, Bassi, Otherwise

Scum : Bassi +1


Influence in lynch

Influential : AV, Z, MR

Scum: MR +1


Passively engaged: MR, DT, Falcon

Scum: MR +1


Increasingly aging pylon: Bassi, Otherwise, SD

Scum: Bassi +1


Total score:

MR 5

Bassi 2

AV 1

Otherwise 1


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Damn. Wish I wasn't vig killed. Not sure what made DT do that but he had a stellar first 2 rounds.


I completely faltered at the end of the round there. Should have locked my vote on MR at the start of the round like I said I would.


Tres! is the most effective scumhunting method in mafia history. Go prove me wrong!


GG Mafia.

Thanks for hosting @112

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