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[Discussion] Bring back Vanek

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One relatively small deal that would not disrupt the club is bringing Vanek back for a small push.  He could be a great winger for EP and Boeser.  He played here last year so he knows the system and team.  


A 3rd rounder.  Trade Goldy to recoup it prior to the draft   



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What!?  42g 10g 13a for 23pts.  He's making north of 3M.  Goldobin 44g 5g 18a for 23pts and is making how much?  Both are defensive liabilities.  Vanek can play his game, but Goldy has a very short leash.  Why not play Goldy to his strengths, and let him grow than pay yet another aging vet?

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No thanks. 


But, you can look at how he plays the game, and tell a young guy just coming up like Dahlen, to watch film, and to emulate this dude and you will have a long career in the NHL.


Stick on the ice.  Go to the net.  Don't take stupid penalties.  Be a gentleman.  Respected journeymen are great, and Vanek is one of the best all time, probably.


But his journey is pretty much done.  He had his moments in Vancouver, flashes of a really solid NHL scoring presence.

His two way play was never elite. So he is an good mercenary scorer, that kind of half waves at guys as they go by and has nearly zero board presence.


Again, we can probably replicate his numbers from within, icing a guy 15 years younger in either Dahlen, Gadjovich, or Jasek.


Rebuild is barely up and running, we have a few drafts, and some NCAA stuff to sort thru every single year now (we have deep inroads into that college market).


Big fat NOPE to 35 y/o journeymen on a team that is rebuilding.  Vanek, or someone like him that is like currently 29/30, is someone we might consider adding to this team in 3-5 years.


Keep in mind, we are 53 games out from the Sedins.  That's squat in terms of NHL rebuilds.  Rebuild only really started when they retired.  This young team is way over achieving way too early.  Not a bad problem to have though.  We sucked enough to have an amazing early foundation for when they did hang 'em up.  Benning's scouting all of Europe, college hockey, and all NA jr's.  I bet this team excels even with a couple more years of middle range draft picks.


We haven't even given substantial ice time to a new D prospect with full time NHL potential since Stecher.


Hughes probably joins us this spring. Should be very interesting to see what he can do in the NHL.  Woo is tearing it up in the WHL, wouldn't surprise me if he makes the team out of camp next year.  Juolevi might not be ready by then, and then, when the young D start coming around, we are going to see this team jump to the next level. Rathbone.  Brisebois.  Utonen. Benning should be able to keep scoring well scouted players in a few more drafts to keep the quality young blood incoming.  And this team is off to the races with EP and Bo down the middle. 

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3 hours ago, Fanuck said:

We should be sellers (to a point) at the deadline, not buyers.....

Who can we sell that's worth anything.  Maybe Edler.  But only to resign him.  Pouliot wont bring in much, neither will Goldy unless we pair them with a more valued asset. 


JB views Tanev as a important development piece for our young d men.  


With the way Elder has been playing, why would we trade him away when we are sitting in a playoff position.  He wants to stay and should be cheaper to sign than any FA d man of a similar caliber.  I dont think Aquaman would think well of deliberately throwing the season.  


I also think this team deserves to be rewarded for its effort.  The guys have bought in.  Its working.  EP40 made this team far better than anyone thought possible.  The guy is getting the Calder and has earned some Hart trophy talk.  Marky has suddenly found his way after having some horrible seasons.  Bo is kicking ass and should get strong Selkie consideration.  


The rebuild is over.  


From now on its finishing work until the d is solidified and one or two other spots improved on.  


I am all for a hockey trade to impeove our defence (looking at you Paryako) for long term and/or adding a cheap price like a Vanek to give the team a boost going into the stretch run.  


The latter is likely the saner option, but I never claimed to be sane.  



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That pick might have been a throwaway under Gillis/Nonis, but look at the guys JB has gotten in the 3rd round:








That's a hell of a price to pay for a rental, especially one who floats around as badly as Nylander in the playoffs.  No thanks.

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4 hours ago, Fanuck said:

We should be sellers (to a point) at the deadline, not buyers.....

I agree, but I think we're going to be much more neutral at the deadline.


I don't think the Canucks will do anything significant, I don't think they will try and load up, but I could see them try and do a couple of parallel, balancing moves.


This is who I think has a realistic chance of being moved by deadline:


Schaller - I think he's the weak link on guys that Benning signed July 1. Not a horrible player and not a really bad contract, but I don't think he's fitting as well as was projected. I could see him getting moved for a late round pick or lower grade prospect to a team looking for some cheap, serviceable depth

Goldobin - I think he could help a team that needs offense. I think Green likes to see a different level of drive and compete that Goldobin generally lacks. Could see him being moved either on his own or small package for someone with more sandpaper in their game.

Gagner - Could see him flipped for a B level prospect or a 4th or 5th round pick to a team that thinks they need that little extra offensive push and are willing to overlook some of the defensive issues

Pyatt / Schenn - Teams trying to push for it all could easily look for some playoff depth. Could see Schenn being a cheap option for Toronto, although they would still need more than just Schenn to really make it further than 1st or 2nd round.


No, I don't think Edler is going anywhere, and if we're pushing for playoffs, I don't think JB will even try and move him. Would like to see Edler back next year, he's been solid this year.


I don't see any other players that will be moved unless it provides a significant, longer term upgrade to the team.



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