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[Rumour] Datsyuk could return to the NHL - Agent


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Errr.. No thanks.. Nope, this does not help the team whatsoever.  We have a Datsyuk in Petey.. Correction, we have a Petey.  How is Kovalchuk working out for LA?  Over the hill slow players are not suited for the NHL.  The man has tremendous skill, but he is slow by todays standard, and he would take a roster spot from someone else.  And how much of the year would he spend injured?  Hire him as a skills coach, and he can help the entire team that way.

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1 hour ago, Zhukini said:

I'd assume he'd go back to Detroit and I hope he does. None of this Brodeur in a blues jersey nonsense

Sundin in Canucks jersey. Naslund in a Rangers jersey. Iginla in an Avalanche jersey. Datsyuk in a Canucks jersey? :bigblush:

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