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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals | Feb. 05, 2019

-Vintage Canuck-

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2 minutes ago, ktcy2 said:

Let’s face the truth guys 


it wasn’t a highstick but a fluke 

Yeah, Kuznetsov waved his stick so strong that the wind made the puck moved up and changed direction. BS. It should be tied.

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2 minutes ago, WalkWithElias40 said:

Wow refs were blind tonight


lets bounce back against hawks !



The Wilson hook on Tanev was comical. Even Wilson was ready to make his way to the box. Not saying one penalty would have been the difference but still pisses me off. 

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Just now, gizmo2337 said:

@-Vintage Canuck- If there is video of that weird goal on Marky, I'd love seeing that posted here. I just have radio today, so haven't seen it yet. 

It looked as though the puck was contacted by a high stick before it bounced off marky 


after closer look the stick missed the puck and it simply bounced off markys back 

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