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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks | Feb. 07, 2019

-Vintage Canuck-

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17 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Tanev's been eating a &^@# ton of minutes, and even before Edler went down.

Recently, he's probably had 80mins of ice time in the last 3 games, over 4 days, on the road.

Hutton too.


Was an entertaining game for sure. The boys had a lot of chances and continued their solid play of late. Sucks about the points though..


Speaking of sucks - our power play. Holy sucks. Mother&^@#er. 


Maybe someone on twitter can reach out to Vanek and get him to draw something up for Brown.


Boeser was hungry tonight. Really liked his game.


Leivo should've gotten a star.




he had a lot to do with changing our pp last season

became quite effective when his suggestions were incorporated

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Would really like to see this team utilize some of the depth it has built up on the farm.


In a season like this and at this current stage with injuries, we should be seeing what we have in guys like Brisebois, MacEwan, Gaudette and Dahlen.


Really what's the harm? Are they really going to cost us games right now? As it stands, guys like Goldobin and Pouliot are not getting it done. Time to give younger hungrier players opportunities. 

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It was an entertaining game. Had that intensity of two teams battling for a playoff spot for sure. I really like Brock Boeser's game tonight, felt like he & Pete were creating chances whenever they were out there.


On another note I can't wait to see Quinn Hughes. Ben Hutton has taken huge steps this season, but he had a rough go on the PP tonight.


You wonder if nights like tonight are ones where Hughes could have helped make the difference. 

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Nucks were game managed out of at least two points over this road swing. If they can respond by making the Rog their true home, they have a shot at post season. Need to toughen up,  keep mastering the PK and shame the refs into calling a balanced game.

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3rd game in 4 nights, but still managed to earn a point after being down by 2.. well done. Unfortunately, anything less than a perfect game from the boys gets our hockey gurus out here to rain down the hate on them. 


On a different note, don’t know what else it will take to get more of Biega and less of Pouliot out there. Pouliot needs some time in the minors to hopefully regain some confidence in his game. C’mon Greener, give the bulldog more games and ice-time.


Oh and another reminder to some... playoffs were never part of the plans for this season.. so chill out folks and enjoy the rebuild.

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Lol at everyone calling out Tanev. :picard:


How about you call out the coach who decided that playing our best shutdown D-man on his off side was a good idea? He's not the same player on the left side because he's never played that side...


All they needed to do was put Brisebois in and sit Pouliot and they would have been fine.


Hutton Stecher

Brisebois Tanev

Gudbranson Biega


Unfortunately I think we are seeing a little Willie D "I used to coach you in junior" favoritism going on.

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2 hours ago, Stelar said:

OT was all Tanev for sure. Maybe Edler has been compensating for Tanev all this time. He has not been good recently 

Some of us have been saying that for a long time.  Not that Tanev isn't solid, but that Edler is the glue

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I see all the whining drunks have picked their new target... and its>.....  Chris Tanev!  :picard:


I'm sure they will put up a trade thread in a short while.  :rolleyes:


As far as the game is concerned:


Canucks lack confidence in their shooting... so they are not shooting at all... exactly the opposite of what they need to do.  When you are not scoring, then start shooting from all angles and as many as possible.


Brock Boeser is really gripping his stick with hands of stone... he's the opposite of what he was last year before his injury.  Completely without confidence. 


The good news is he is getting a huge number of chances... once again, he could have had a hat-trick.  It's inevitable they will start to go in.


And the good news overall is the Canucks generally outplayed the Hawks and deserved to win.  They got beat in the end by a true competitor, Toews is a clutch player who knows what it takes.


This year is a learning experience and tonight was one of those hard lessons they need to learn.


The guy who I don't think will learn is Poop a Lot... really have lost interest in seeing him in the lineup anymore.  Game after game he is consistently bad and consistently contributes to his team losing.

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1 hour ago, Darius said:

We got 2 wicked shooters on each wall on the pp and they don’t get any free space to unload their shots. I think the other team doesn’t respect our pp qb and they just concentrate on covering ep and boeser knowing there is little threat from the point. 


Imagine having a cannon on the point or a dynamic guy that is unpredictable and thinks and passes as fast as lightning. Bb and ep would get 10 more points a year on the pp. 


Jake Gardiner is an UFA in July.............

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1 hour ago, JamesB said:



7. In a sense both Chicago's first two goals came about as the result of one play -- Sutter's penalty while on the PK. Sutter thought Gustafsson interfered with him. It appeared to be a standard pick play, which is interference, but referees rarely call marginal pick plays. Sutter slashed Gustafsson. It was pretty obvious and the refs called it. Chiago scored on the 5 on 3 and then again on the 5 on 4. The Canucks came back strong but that was a critical play. I have never been a big fan of Sutter although he has been playing well on the PK and sharing shutdown duties with Beagle. That was an undisciplined and costly play. 


8. Chicago's third goal came off a bad play by Granlund who mishandled the puck at the blueline. Murphy got the puck, passed it through Sutter to Strome, who made a nice pass to DeBrincat. Guddy got turned around and could not make a play quickly enough on DeBrincat. I am not saying that it would have been easy to stop that chance, but Granlund, Sutter, and Guddy all had opportunities. 


Good summary as usual JamesB, thanks.


I like Sutter and have defended him on here several times.

But I feel he cost us the game (as much as one player can cost a team a game) by not sucking it up like a vet and showing the kids the right way to play.


It was selfish and stupid and showed a complete lack of game awareness to take that type of penalty and give 19 and 88 a long 5 on 3.

They scored on the 5 and 3 and Sutter stayed in the box for the second power play goal; the team fought back but Sutter's play didn't improve.


I wonder if he is ill; his eyes have big black bags under them and he looks like a sad old dog with droopy ears.

He is skating like he is past his prime as well; he must have the flu or something.


At least, I hope he does have the flu and that Baer had it as well.

The longer we go without an update on him, the more I worry about his health long-term.

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PP failed today, gotta cash in 5 on 3. Then double whammy with Sutter and Beagle in the box. That was the main difference in the game. 


Live and learn. The playoff race is very tight with so many teams unable to pull away. Any team can make it. Nux have to get on a pt streak soon. 

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